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Kobra Sight

Axion Kobra 8-18 Red Dot, Weaver Screw
  • Four types of reticle (sighting mark) and 16 levels of...
  • Cobra red dot scope has light and robust shockproof,...
  • Russian Kobra red dot ( Cobra collimator ) sight provides...
  • With a Cobra red dot sight, you can easily acquire target...

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Kobra Sight - A Unique Hunting and Sporting Weapon

The Kobra Sight sometimes referred to as a hand-held laser pointer, is a small, lightweight, and portable personal laser pointer. It's one of the most popular laser pointers on the market today and has been for some time. I own this excellent laser pointer, and I'll never look back. It is perfect for use at a range or even short distances. Here's a review of this convenient laser pointer.

The Kobra Sight comes in two varieties, a monocular or binocular type. The one I prefer has a clear plastic lens and a red dot for the reticle. They are both solid and emit a powerful beam. Like all lasers, the kobra sight operates on the principle that energy is measured in milliamps or amps, and a different semiconductor produces each color. That is why you get red, green, blue, orange, violet, and indigo-colored red dots all over the optic, and each bead has a different color tail.

This fantastic laser pointer has a great feature that I find useful. When you hold it, say while pointing the laser at the sky, you can adjust the red dot so that it means to the moon, stars, or whatever else you might want to view. Then you flip up the dial to red-eye the image you wish to view, and you have a perfect shot. This makes using the kobra sight the most helpful feature.

One of the things I like about the sights is that they come with a set of adjustable ocular prisms in addition to the optic lens and red dot, so you get optimum optical quality from every angle. These prisms make for an easy setup: just put the sight into place and use the one-handed adjustment wheel to adjust the tips for an excellent long seal with no light obstructions. That's it. The Kobra sight is as simple as it gets, yet it offers great features to impress you. Even though I own my own laser peripheral and optics system, I still have to look at the manual to adjust the optics.

The next feature that makes the Kobra Sight shine is the muzzle flash mount. With a clear sight picture, you get a stable source of corrective illumination for your target, and with a regular basis of lighting, you get a stable sight picture. This is important because if your target is moving, you need a steady source of illumination for target acquisition. If the target is stationary, the sight will bounce off the ground and produce an erratic and noisy sight picture. With the muzzle flash mount, you can get a steady, repeatable sight picture regardless of moving the target.

Another cool feature that I like about the Kobra sight is the mounting rails that are included. Unlike some other companies that use a separate fence that is detachable, the Kobra sight utilizes the mounting rails on both sides of the sight. This means that you can put the sight on either side at any time and mount it to any firearm with ease. This is a nice feature that I appreciate because it increases the usability of the sight.

Finally, the dot sight attachment is the final feature that makes the Kobra Sight stand out from the rest. Unlike most sights, which attach to the end of the sight, the dot sight attaches to the front of the sight and thus produces a much more precise and more accurate reticle than the standard one-eye sighting. This makes the sight extremely versatile, allowing it to be used for anything from hunting to competition use and beyond.

Dot sights are also great for competition use because they provide superior visual acuity when trying to hit your target at a distance. The Kobra Sight features a red dot that is five times larger than the dot on your typical rifle scope and has superior eye relief. This helps to ensure that you don't need to squint or see through the entire scope to get a clean shot. Plus, the sights allow you to place them up and down without altering the position of your face, enabling you to put them anywhere on the barrel of your rifle and still be able to take a clean shot. The Kobra Sight stands out among other red dot sights and is well worth the money with these capabilities.