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Konus Scope

KONUS - KonuShot 7235 - 3X-12X40mm Zoom Riflescope
  • DEPENDABLE: The KonuShot 3-12X40 has metal construction...
  • COATED OPTICS: The KonuShot has coated optics, providing...
  • FOUR-TIMES ZOOM RATIO: The 3X-12X40 offers a "Four-Times"...
  • LENS CAPS AND CLEANING CLOTH: The KonuShot 3X-12X40 includes...

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Konus Scope - Superior Hunting Optics

There are many different cameras on the market, but the Konus Scope is one of the best and used by most professional hunters for years. The Konus Scope has the best features and optics that can be found on any digital camera. The first thing that people notice about the Konus Scope is the fact that it has a very high magnification even at great lengths.

KONUS Scope is quite evident with the excellent resolution even at great lengths. It's simple to use even in poor light conditions. The illumination at night is perfect, and when you use it at night, you will not have to turn down the focusing knob to see the object correctly. The objective lens of the bonus night vision scope is vast, which helps keep the image sharp even at great lengths.

These scopes are manufactured from German optics, and this gives them the durability and functionality that is second to none. You can buy these scopes from many online retailers at affordable prices. You can get some of the best deals online by shopping using the Amazon marketplace. Amazon also offers free shipping and free returns for an excellent selection if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

The riser bar included in the Konus Pro is adjustable, and you can easily make adjustments to fit your height. The illuminated knobs and switches are well-suited to the bright display modes and the low light modes. The brilliant knobs give a more ergonomic feel, and you will appreciate them when you are outside hunting. The adjustment range on the riser bar makes it very easy to bring the scope up or down as needed.

It has been found that the Konus Scope has the most fantastic range of performance among any hunting scope in its class. It has been praised by so many professionals as the most effective scope available today. The scope has won numerous awards from the United States Army, including the highest award for accuracy. It was also honored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. It was also listed in the Best Buys in the Outdoor Industry for 2021. This remarkable achievement is thanks (in part) to the Report Post, which is incorporated into the scope.

To fully understand how powerful this reticle is, you must understand how it works. First of all, the Konus has a full-scale mechanical crosshair reticle. This reticle contains multiple zones, which reflect varying degrees of light. The zones range from ten-meter clear to fifty meters, and the higher the magnification, the greater the range of light reflected back from the crosshairs.

The high optical performance of the Konus Scope is made possible thanks to the patented WaveGuard system, which uses patented cutting edge stabilized optics to provide true optical clarity throughout the entire scope. The innovative, optimized distance and windage settings allow the user to adjust the magnification and reticle simultaneously for optimal performance. This allows the user to interchange between the two with ease.

The Konus Digital Scope also features a fully sealed, fully adjustable, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, glass-coated, fiberglass monocular with multi-coated lenses. This makes the Konus Digital Scope's eye relief much greater than any other digital scope on the market today, and the patented WaveGuard system ensures that your eyes are well protected even during extended daylight hours. The digital scope holds nothing but the finest craftsmanship and is available with a warranty of one year.

The Lilies Sight acquired the position of first place in the European scoring table for outdoor scopes because of some unique design features. Compared to other optics, the Konus Scope has an unusually low baffle, allowing it to reduce flare and reticles at greater distances. The Lilies sight also outperforms most other designs in terms of brightness and durability, which is why it has been considered the ideal scope by military and law enforcement officials worldwide. The German-made Liliesad is also superior when it comes to features such as eye relief and peripheral alignment.

Unlike many other optics today, the Konus Scope has retained much of its original design thanks to a new generation of high-end glassblowing techniques that significantly increase the image's clarity. In addition, the sights can be easily mounted on a rifle and subsequently adjusted, either to zero in or for increased hunting speed. The controls can be quickly accessed thanks to the oversized knobs and thumb plates. Although the overall construction of the scope is similar to the M1-BL Red Dot sight, the German firm has added a few features that are unique to its Chinese counterparts. For instance, the Konus Scope incorporates a one-piece bolt that allows for greater adjustability, an increased distance capacity, improved durability and accuracy, and increased eye relief.

Like its Chinese counterparts, the Konus Scope incorporates a full range of optional accessories. For example, the company's Red Dot sight models offer various display modes, including Day/Night Vision and Scoped. Other additions include mounting kits, scope bases, and eyepieces. Some models of the Konus Scope even offer a night vision option called the NV Scope, which is similar to a red dot sight but offers higher visual contrast and a higher degree of night vision. For a complete range of Konus Scope accessories, consumers can purchase the Konus Deluxe Multi-coated polycarbonate sight.