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Konus Spotting Scope

Bestseller No. 1
Konus 7127 KonuSpot-100 Spotting Scope, Black & Green, One...
  • 20x-60x zoom magnifications
  • Swivel set screw rotates spotter for viewing on any surface
  • Special eyepiece can be connected to any reflex camera
  • Smart phone adapter provides viewing with phone
Bestseller No. 2
Konus - KONUSPOT-80 7126 20-60x80 Zoom Spotting Scope with...
  • ENHANCED OPTIC: Lens is coated on multiple layers to help...
  • SMARTPHONE ADAPTER INCLUDED: Spend most of your time...
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 3
Konus 7125 20x-60x60mm Zoom Spotting Scope
  • 20X-60X times zoom magnification allows for expansive views...
  • 60mm lens provides clear, bright images.
  • Coated lenses increase light transmission.
  • Extendable sunshade eliminates glare.
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 4
Gosky Updated 20-60x80 Spotting Scope with Tripod and...
  • Variable 20x to 60x magnification and dynamic lens focusing...
  • Fully multi-coated 80mm green film objective lens provides a...
  • Nitrogen filled waterproof and fog-proof design enables the...
  • A smartphone digiscoping adapter included enables you to...
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 5

Buyer's Guide: Konus Spotting Scope

Konus Spotting Scope Review

The Konus Spotting Scope offers many features and a ton of value. Designed by Konus, this great scope can easily mount on any hunting rifle. It is made from a hard-wearing die cast metal body and has a comfortable carrying handle.

The Konus Spotting Scope has an adjustable tripod mount and an economical tripod mount. The tripod mount allows the user to adjust the height of the tripod for better accuracy in hunting. This tripod mount also comes with a locking mechanism that prevents the scope from being accidentally dislodged. There are also many great options for the mounting of the Konus Spotting Scope. The tripod mount and scope adapter are easily removed to allow for a quick relocation of the tripod on the hunting rifle.

Other features of the Konus Spotting Scope include a front dial for easy adjustments to the power of the telescope, a rear dial for the power and range markers and the ability to magnify up to 100 times. This is great for hunting in low light conditions. The illuminated reticle, which is inscribed with markings, allows the hunter to track both reticles at the same time. The crosshairs on the top of the illuminated reticle also provide a point of focus for hunting.

Some of the best features of the Konus Spotting Scope is the fact that it is compatible with almost any smartphone, which makes it very convenient for use in the field. Many people prefer to use their smartphones when they are out on a hunting trip because of the clarity and the high resolution of the images they are able to take pictures with. Because the Konus can be used with almost any smartphone, the user does not have to carry extra equipment or a laptop to be able to enjoy the great capabilities of this scope. In fact, most of the smartphones that can be used with the Konus have adequate zoom capabilities to allow the user to obtain the finest detail on the target.

Another great feature of the Konus Spotting Scope is that it is very accurate in determining a target's distance. These scopes utilize a revolutionary Light Transmission lens element, which allows them to work well even in low light conditions. This is perfect for those hunting trips in the mountains where low light makes identifying your targets even more difficult. The lens element also eliminates some of the light transmission problems associated with other scope types. In addition to being accurate, these scopes are also affordable.

The overall performance of the Konus Spotting Scope is high thanks to the state of the art optics and the superior construction of the product. The design of the optics ensures that the user will never have problems with reticles and accessories as they should be. In fact, the entire system is designed to make sure that the user has a fast, easy to operate and safe scope. Also, the tripod included with the product allows for easy transportation of the scope from hunting spots to the field. In fact, even the batteries for the scope are easy to take care of since they can be easily detached and attached without any damage.

The best thing about the Konus Spotting Scope is the great features it offers. One of the main features is the fact that it includes a 100 yard laser rangefinder, which can easily measure the distance from up to eight yards. The Konus reticles can also be adjusted, which gives the user even more precision when aiming at the target. In addition to this, it also features a side-focus parallax adjustment, which allows users to focus on the front sight picture while keeping the parallax angle the same. Finally, the eyepiece can be easily removed from the rifle without damaging the scope itself. All of these features together can easily improve accuracy of the user, especially when hunting in difficult terrain or at longer ranges.

However, before purchasing any scope, it is always important to conduct a thorough scope review. The most popular brands such as Spy, Steiner and Leupold offer many great options to choose from, so it is not at all difficult to find one that will suit your needs and preferences. However, if you do a little homework, it is possible to find discounts and even buy a used or surplus Konus Spotting Scope. Just make sure that you check out all the details, such as the mounting hardware, mounting system and the focus adjustment knobs and clicks. Also, you must compare prices between various stores so that you can get the best possible value.