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Matech Rear Sight

ON SALE!Bestseller No. 1
MaTech Mil-Spec Back-up Iron Sight (B.U.I.S)
  • Adjustable up to 600 meters
  • Spring loaded sight aperture
Bestseller No. 2
Daniel Defense DD Fixed Front/Rear Sight Combo
  • One piece streamline design
  • Slotted screws attachment
  • Lightweight
  • Model Number : 19-088-09116
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 3
Magpul MBUS PRO Steel Backup Sights, Rear Sight , Black
  • All steel construction; Steel, rectangular sight post...
  • Case hardened and finished with Melonite QPQ for extreme...
  • Mounts on any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny/STANAG 4694 rail....
  • Elevation adjustment knob – no tools required
Bestseller No. 4
Knights Armament Company Kac 600M Micro Flip Rear Sight Blk
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS
  • Country of Origin: China
Bestseller No. 5
Midwest Gloves Combat Rifle Rear Sight, Black
  • Super low profile . 388’’ Centerline when folded down
  • flips up to Mil-Spec height
  • intermediate Aperture for long-range precision and...
  • Dual locking detent Springs for added reliability and crisp...

Buyer's Guide: Matech Rear Sight

Pros & Cons of the Matech Rear Sight

Matech Rear Sight eliminated all of the guesswork from the process of mounting a scope on the M1. The new M1 rear sight offers precise rear focus ranging from zero to infinity, a clear leg indicator, and easy adjustments for windage and elevation. The revolutionary " Flip and Go" mechanism allows the user to rapidly transition from a rear sight to a front sight without taking the scope out of storage. The user simply tilts the adjustment knob to change the front sight from infinity to zero. This revolutionary " Flip and Go " feature is available on all models of the M1.

The new Matech Rear Sight system uses a push button mount that allows the user to easily attach or detach the sight from the rifle. The user is able to perform two different functions with the same unit. During the day the rifle is loaded and fired. At nightfall the sight can be manually switched back to the rear sight to continue shooting. This system provides hunters with many options when they are on the go.

There are several major differences between the front sight and rear sight on the M1. One is the height of the unit. The Matech rear sight measures higher than the front sight by a full 2 inches. This allows for more stability and accuracy when it comes to making fast target changes. Another difference is the distance between the sights. With the Matech rear sight the distance is 10 feet between sights.

Another major difference between the Matech rear sight and the front sight is the amount of windage that is allowed to enter the reticule. When the sight is zeroed in at the factory the front sight does not allow any wind to get through the reticule. The Matech rear sight allows for up to ninety five percent of the windage to enter the reticule. This is an extremely high percentage of windage allowing the user to get a consistent sight adjustment from one end of the scope to the other. The front sight on the other hand is fixed and only allows some amount of wind to get through the reticle.

The Matech rear sight has a high magnification at low and high magnifications. The high magnification allows for target acquisition at a distance as far as fifty yards. This high magnification also allows for a high field of view at all times. This is different than the low magnification which allows the user to have a clearer shot at various distances but will not achieve an exceptionally high magnification at short ranges.

The most common use for the Matech rear sight is for hunting. The sights are fixed to the rifle and can be adjusted through the use of the simple knobs and levers on the sight. The knobs can be locked and unlocked to adjust through the range as needed, but the levers are usually used to raise and lower the elevation of the sight itself.

The Matech rear sight is also found on the Steiner (MAD) series of cross bows. A Steiner is a bow that was designed to work with shorter hand grips and to provide a more comfortable shooting platform. While the Matech rear sight may not function in the same way as that of a traditional fixed sight, it does work extremely well for this purpose. It will work best for users with smaller hands because of its relatively small size.

While there are many benefits of the Matech rear sight, there are also some drawbacks. The primary drawback is that it doesn't work well for high magnified shots due to the large amount of internal reflections. The second major downside to this sight is its relatively high cost, relative to other options. On the upside, the Matech rear sight does produce some high quality shots, and is one of the best sights for shooting at longer ranges due to its high magnification. The final downside is the lack of iron sight compatibility.