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Milt Sparks Holsters

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Rank 1
Desantis Mad Max Holster for 1911 Gun, Right Hand, Tan
  • Inside the waistband holster
  • Easy one-handed holstering
  • Constructed of premium saddle leather
  • Country of Origin:United States
ON SALE!Rank 2
Galco Summer Comfort Inside Pant Holster for 1911 5-Inch...
  • Made using the finest materials
  • Used by law enforcement, military, and citizens alike
  • Tested for durability and quality
  • Right-Handed Holster
  • Material: Napa Leather and Kydex
  • Fits Belts up to 1 3/4"
  • Comes With Adjustable Metal Belt Clips
ON SALE!Rank 3
Galco Royal Guard Inside the Pant Holster (Black), Colt...
  • Worn inside the pants, it allows real-world concealment of...
  • Rough side of the leather facing out for the greatest degree...
  • Grip accessibility for a fast draw
Rank 4
Fonrroni Concealed Carry Holster, Universal Holster, Inside...
  • 【Wide Adaptability】 Fit Sig Sauer P365&SP2022,...
  • 【Portable Carrying】 2.1 inch metal clip, fit up to 2...
  • 【Durable Material】 Button made by Zn-Fe alloy plating...
  • 【Ingeniously Design】 The tailoring process is excellent,...
  • 【In Common Use】 This holster made for right hand and...
Rank 5
Galco Summer Comfort Inside Pant Holster for 1911 4-Inch, 4...
  • Made using the finest materials
  • Used by Law Enforcement, Military, and citizens alike
  • Tested for durability and quality
  • 1911 4-Inch, 4 1/4-Inch Colt, Kimber, Para, Springfield,...

Buyer's Guide

Milt Sparks Holsters - The Ultimate In Protection

Milt Sparks have developed a great many designs for their metal reinforced mouth holsters. These durable and easy to use, leather belts are perfect for everyday use. Milt Sparks belts are made with the same quality materials that they have been known for over the years. The quality of workmanship is second to none when it comes to Milt Sparks. Every piece of leather that leaves their plant is carefully crafted by hand. You can be assured that if you ever need to purchase a Milt Sparks belt, there will be nothing lacking.

Milt Sparks offers a large selection of leather belts. Some of their most popular options include the following: MilT Sparkles Basic, MilT Sparkles Polished, MilT Sparkles Deluxe, and MilT Sparkles Stainless. The above models all utilize different applications and methods of mounting the belt, but ultimately the same end result is achieved; these versatile, easy to use, leather holsters allow for one of your most basic daily needs to be met.

The basic Milt Sparks holsters are simple to use, featuring snap closure and one of the highest quality buckles available. The interior of the belt loops are designed to be soft and comfortable against your skin. In addition to this soft and comfortable interior, there is a high degree of durability given to the product. With the ability to use the belt loops on either side, you can quickly change positions, ensuring that you never get trapped in a single position for long periods of time.

Milt Sparks have also developed a wide variety of custom leather belt holsters. They offer leather iwb style iwb cabinets for their customers. They have also developed a custom leather belt buckle model, which allows their customers to choose a high end buckle from their inventory of iwb style belt buckles.

Many people often want a senior member to have access to their Milt Sparks Iwb holster, but are unable to provide the senior member with their personal Milt Sparks IWB holster. To solve this problem, the Milt Sparks team has developed the "click and join date" system. This system is unique because it allows a senior member to have their own personal Milt Sparks IWB holster with their current rank and name added to the front of the belt. This ensures that the senior member will always have a special rank icon on their belt, making them easily recognizable.

The belt models offered by Milt Sparks consist of five different styles, including: the "High Visor," "Belt Top," "Box Belt," "Plate Belt," and "Thick Box." Each model of Milt Sparks Holsters is made with high quality leather that is durable and easy to clean. Some of the leather is made with metal reinforced mouth and butt plates, which add extra durability and strength to the belt. Milt Sparks also uses heavy duty stitching throughout the belt and on the drawstring, as well as on the front and back panels of the holsters. All Milt Sparks Iwb holsters contain a heavy duty zipper and safety zipper pull, as well as both front and back snap closures.

To ensure that you get the most value for your money when purchasing Milt Sparks Iwb holsters, you should purchase a unit that has a Join Date that is compatible with the current date of your military service. When choosing your Join Date, make sure that it matches the date that your unit was assigned to, so that you can ensure that your Milt Sparks Iwb holster will be available for the dates that you need it. If you are interested in purchasing your own unit, then all you need to do is contact the Milt Sparks Customer Service Department. They will be able to answer all of your questions, as well as help you to select the perfect unit for you.

The entire Milt Sparks line of IWB holsters is designed to provide superior comfort and functionality while providing you with a high level of safety. The stainless steel frame used to construct these belt loops is extremely durable and rugged. This steel frame is made using an eight-layer high tensile fiber and includes a protective back flap and snap closure, along with an aggressive styling. As always, please check with your local military shop to ensure that your chosen Milt Sparks holster meets all of your approved criteria.

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