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M&P Shield Leather Holster

OUTBAGS USA LS2SHIELD (Brown-Right) Full Grain Heavy Leather...
  • Inside Pants Holster. NOT for Outside Pants or Small of...
  • Handcrafted in USA from full grain leather. This is a...
  • Hand dyed to preserve natural leather characteristics

Buyer's Guide: M&P Shield Leather Holster

Review of Smith & Wesson Shield Owee holster - How it Fits

One of the most popular gun accessories today is the M&P Shield leather holster. It comes as a belt pouch or canteen and can be used to carry both standard size Ruger pistols as well as IWB (in pistol form) pistols. A holster allows you to keep your handgun close by, ready to be fired when you need it. There are many different types of holsters from M&P to concealable to even military style.

Holsters come in many different styles for different applications. For instance, concealment holsters fit over the entire length of the belt, but are not worn on the outside. This type of holster is used by shooters who want to have their handgun close by, yet maintain aicum of concealment. Concealed carriers are sometimes used by hunters to accomplish a long-range kill.

The M&P Shield is a highly concealable carrier that can be used with any type of firearm. The " Shields Denim" material on the belt is textured to make it difficult to locate, yet blends in with the environment. There is a soft foam center spreader which rides up and out of the way, yet holds the handgun steady as it sits on the concealment hip.

The leather holster full grain model features an open top design that opens quickly. It is also lightweight and features a fully adjustable canteen which adjusts from a medium height to a high one. This model can easily be converted to an open carrier, which is great for hunters that like to have their weapon readily accessible. This option is available in both the nylon and paddle styles.

For close proximity concealment, the M&P Shield features the open top, but uses a strong side clip for fast attachment to your belt. This design allows for quick attachment to your pants or t-shirt for quick on and off carrying situations. A strong side clip is important because it provides the needed traction to keep the M&P Shield fully loaded and securely in place. The open top allows for an easy transfer from an open carry position to a cross draw position.

For everyday use, the iwb holster for the M&P Shield offers an easy versatility that most other models do not offer. The iwb design offers two separate holsters; the first is a traditional paddle style holster that features an easily changeable belt clip. The second is a belt loop style holster. The iwb holster utilizes the M&P Shield's strong side clips to allow quick attachment to any kind of belt. Because the iwb is a belt holster, it is compatible with M&P Shield Duty Kit holsters.

The new iwb holster is designed for quick and efficient transfer from open to close carry. The open top allows easy access to the M&P Shield's hammer and trigger fastening system. When the handgun is equipped with its suppressor, the open top provides easy access to the safety's pocket, which houses the pistol's disconnecting pin. The M&P Shield can be quickly and efficiently converted from open to close using the suppressor. The open top design also makes it possible to have an open end to the M&P Shield's hammer and trigger. This makes it easier to transition from an open state to a semi-close, closed state and then back again without the need to remove the handgun.

The iwb holster is a perfect addition to the Smith & Wesson Shield's durability and functionality. It features a strong rubberized front strap that adjusts in three different positions. It also has a secure grip with a three position attachment that secures the handgun in place on any kind of surface. This accessory will allow the user to carry the Smith & Wesson Shield anywhere.