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Naa Pug Holster

North American Arms Naa Hoster Grip Magnum
  • Custom Carry Folding Holster Grip
  • High Impact Plastic
  • Ambidextrous Clip
  • Fits Mini Revolvers except sidewinder

Buyer's Guide: Naa Pug Holster

Review of the NAA Pug Holster

As a new gun owner, you may have heard of the new innovative device known as the Naa Pug. This is the new and improved Holster for your gun that was designed and developed by a firearms expert. After years of testing and research Naa Pug Holster was created. The concept is similar to that of an Iwb or i holster, but instead of being placed in the front, like with your IWB, the Holster is placed in the back of the gun.

The difference between an IWB and a Naa Pug Holster is that with an IWB you are able to keep your gun completely out of sight. You can't readily access your gun when you need it most, thus keeping it hidden until you are ready to use it. On the other hand, when you wear a Naa Pug Holster, you are able to see your gun but you are unable to take it out of the holster. The concept of using a concealed weapon has gotten more popular over time and has even led to the manufacturing of more concealable holsters such as those found on the market today. The problem with concealable holsters is that they can be bulky and uncomfortable.

In order to solve this problem Naa Pug Holster was developed. It uses a unique hook & loop strap technology which allows it to be extremely lightweight. It also uses a double friction material which adds to its comfortable fit. This also means that it will not fall off even after hours of wear. It is also one of the few top 10 best naa pug holster reviews that state that it is comfortable to wear.

The other main difference between the IWB holster and the Naa Pug Holster is that the former does not have a side release button. Instead it has a flipper side that is used to flip open the canteen. This flipper side also allows for an easier removal of the holster from the gun, this is a minor downside compared to the superior comfort. Both holsters are designed to work well with either a regular size or a large size belt.

The biggest feature that makes the Naa Pug Holster superior to the Ruger iwb holster is that it does not use a traditional paddle. This is because it has been designed for speed. So fast in fact that it can outdraw the Ruger iwb by a factor of thirty eight to forty three. The result is that you can take much more shots with this gun. The Ruger is limited by the fact that it cannot be rapid fired.

This is where the similarities end. Ruger makes two styles of pocket holsters; the standard iwb style and the j frame style. The j frame style is substantially heavier and is recommended for use in more challenging conditions. On the other hand, the standard j frame is the most common style and is made of softer materials which are comfortable to use during the entire course of an average day at work.

So what are these differences and advantages of the Naa Pug Holster over the standard J-Frame? The biggest difference is in how rapidly it can be drawn. The Ruger can be rapidly drawn, thanks to its longer spring clip. The Naa Pug holster can release ninety percent of the energy contained in the handgun and release a fully loaded handgun in half the time that the Ruger can. This translates into a higher muzzle energy, more accuracy, and faster shooting. These are benefits that the average person will appreciate.

The naa pug holster weighs four ounces, approximately half the weight of a Ruger model. This makes it the perfect companion for most semi-automatic or fully automatic handguns. It is not compatible with all types of handguns, so it would be wise to practice with your gun before you purchase this accessory. As with any product purchased for self defense, be sure to always practice with it if possible, or you may end up putting yourself in danger.