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Buyer's Guide: P365 Holsters

P365 Holsters Review

P365 Holsters has emerged as one of the leading holster manufacturers in the market for both concealed carry and open carry products. With a solid history in the industry, they have honed their skills and continue to improve. They continuously take into account feedback from their customers so that they can keep improving. This article will describe some of the enhancements they have made in their products to meet the demands of holster consumers.

P365 holsters strives to meet the demands of the consumers by providing the latest designs and innovative technology in their line of concealed carry products. They currently offer four main categories of holsters: standard belt loops; belt retractable; open toe adjustable retention; and the hybrid open toe retention. They believe that all of these are best for your needs so you should look over each one carefully. All of these products are backed with a five year limited warranty so if you encounter any problems, you have the option of returning them for a replacement or full refund.

Standard Belts P365 holsters are just like your conventional leather belts which you would normally find on most individuals. They are also made from leather but the material used is thicker and stronger than conventional leather belts. Most of these holsters are able to withstand strong wear and tear for over a year. The iwb comes with a built in water resistant patch pocket which allows the user to place their iwb securely in a belt without worrying about it being exposed to water.

IWB Holsters are made of high quality leather and come in two different styles: the traditional bow tie IWB and the new bow top iwb holster. Bow tie iwb holsters are made with an offset design where the webbing portion of the IWB belt actually attaches to the belt through an offset center cut steerhide area. This offset design makes it easier for users to put the bow tie IWB holster on as it is positioned along the waistline not across the length of the belt. Bow top iwb holsters feature a traditional leather belt that has a small center cut out located between the belt and buckle for attachment of the iwb holster. Many of these come with a buckle fastener which makes it very secure to the belt.

P365 Hidden Hybrid Holsters are designed to be comfortable and at the same time keep the gun out of the hands of children. P365 Hidden Hybrid Holsters feature a strong, durable belt that has a comfortable, thin, Velcro-strapped pouch. The pouch can be secured under the belt using a buckle or hook & loop fastener. Pouch can be worn over the shoulder or around the side. It offers a very comfortable place to store the handgun even during times of extreme stress.

Adjustable Paddle Holsters are ideal for an individual who is constantly on the go and works long hours sitting in a chair. With an adjustable paddle holsters you are able to change your posture whenever necessary. In this type of P365 holsters, the paddle is attached to a waistband made from leather or other sturdy material. This waistband can be easily changed to accommodate your waist size.

All P365 holsters are designed to have a firm grip. The P365 alien gear shapeshift modular holster system has been designed to provide a sturdy, comfortable fit. The interior of the alien gear shapeshift modular holster features a fully-adjustable retention force and includes two (2) snap zippers to allow for quick and easy changes. These snaps enable you to place your handgun inside the holster with ease and can also be detached to convert into a belt pouch.

This innovative, lightweight, retention force-modifying, belt-mounted accessory facilitates a quick draw and reliable transfer of a wide array of handguns. P365 holsters are designed to allow a high level of comfort as well as a confident self-defense. These easy to use devices include many accessory options such as interchangeable cantered straps and universal retention force systems. P365 is an outstanding product which combines superior engineering with cutting-edge design.