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P365 Pocket Holster

ANR Design SIG P365 Conceal Carry Kydex Holster Made in USA...
  • Comes with standard 1.5" or 1.75" width belt clips
  • Holster accomodates both suppressor height sights and RDS...
  • Tall sweat guard for sweat mitigation

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P 365 Pocket Holster - How Does it Work?

P365 Pocket Holster has become one of the most popular products in the holster business. This is because of its quality, stylish look and many positive reviews. P365 holsters are very popular because they can be worn on the belt, worn around the waist or even worn on a key chain. P365 Pocket Holster is known for being comfortable, easy to take apart and put back together again, and it provides quick and efficient way to carry any type of firearm whether a pistol or a rifle.

There are several different styles of P365 holsters such as the P365 slim line, P365 soft line and P365 super slim. Each of these varies from the other depending on how they are made. These variations make each P365 a unique product with features that will appeal to individual tastes.

P365 slim line P365 pocket holster has a sleek, low profile design and a belt clip easily attaches to your belt. It is perfect for those who prefer to carry their handgun in a more inconspicuous place. The belt clip is made of black leather, and adds an extra element of concealment. The leather backing on the P365 holsters are a solid color with a textured pattern that runs across the front of the paddle. This design is also found on the P365 leather shield that protects the paddle from accidental contact with items like steering wheel lock and car door buttons.

P365 slim line P365 pocket gun holster also has a belt clip, but it attaches separately so you can easily put it on and remove it without having to untie the belt. This P365 pocket gun holster is very similar to the P365 slim model, except it has a little bit more padding in the belly and on the back of the paddle for added comfort. This holster is also very lightweight which adds to its convenience and ease of use. This holster is made of high quality, fully synthetic nylon with high wear-ability and it is one piece design that will not need to be tightened down when taking the gun out.

P365 pistol clinger hinge gun holster is a good alternative to the traditional P365 holsters. Most people who buy clinger hinge models usually are looking for a more concealable option. They also want a holster that has more options, such as interchangeable back straps, side channels, and other features. The P365 clinger hinges have a rubberized exterior which prevents wear and makes the unit much more durable. It comes with an assortment of snap in front panels and rear retention clips. The snaps are firm and can hold heavy handguns without bending the unit.

Sig P365 pocket holster is the perfect choice if you carry a Sig Sauer. This holster is made by the same company that makes the Sig 552 and the Sig Pro Series of pistols. As with any pocket pistol holster, the P365 clings on both the right and left sides. In addition to the great concealment ability, the P365 also has a quick draw feature that allows you to use the gun immediately without having to cocking it. This is a real plus for hunters who must load and fire their guns quickly.

If you would like to own a P365 and be able to use it immediately, there is a model called the P290rs. This model is identical to the P365 but it is made to be a daily wear model. This means that you can always wear this on your belt and it will fit well. The Puracy fits well and is available in left or right handed designs.

Like the P365, the P Algeri holster also is a quick draw, full carrier, and easy to disassemble alternative. Like the P365, the P Algeriai can be found in either a right or left handed model. It is said to be the most popular of all holsters. The P Algeri model number is seven. This is similar to the model number of the P365. These two holsters have been designed to allow the user to change out the firearm, and still be able to carry it easily in an open carry position.