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Paintball Guns

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Different Types Of Paintball Guns

Paintball guns are a very important part of any paintball game. A paintball marker, called a paintball gun, airsoft marker, or just paintball gun, is the most essential part of paintball gear, and used in the actual game of paintball. It does not matter what type of paintball you are playing, if your paintball gun is not working well, you will not be able to win the game. There are many types of paintball guns to choose from. Each type of gun shoots differently, has its own characteristics, and is used for a slightly different technique.

Paintball Guns - Mechanical Guns The most basic type of paintball guns are mechanical guns. These are the guns that you see on the field during actual paintball games. They shoot plastic BBs, and are powered by an internal motor. They come in three main varieties: the spring airsoft pump system, the electric model, and the gas powered model.

Spring Airsoft Pump System - The most common type of spring airsoft pump system is the push-type, where the operator pushes a button on the side of the gun to load a cartridge. The operator usually must cock the gun after each shot, in order to release the spent BBs. In some paintball guns, the operator is required to flip back the hammer, which cocks the hammer and shoots the paintballs out at a high velocity. This is necessary because the spent BBs must travel down the barrel before they reach the target. The compressed air in the compressed space of the barrel provides a strong stream of air that pushes the BB down the barrel.

Electric Paintball Guns - The next type of paintball guns is the electric type, which uses batteries to power the gun. Some guns are rechargeable, while others are not. These types of paintball guns operate on a set of lead strips attached to the end of the barrels. When a shot is taken, the gun releases a small amount of electrical charge, which heats up the lead inside the barrel, creating a sufficient amount of friction to cause the paintballs to fly forward. After this process, the plastic BBs will go down the barrel.

Gas-Powered Paintball Guns - The last type of paintball guns are the gas-powered models. These are generally the most powerful type of paintball guns, as they use compressed air to propel the BBs down the barrel. Unlike the electric gun, the gas powered type must be cocked before each shot. Although the gas is powerful enough to propel the BB down the barrel, it can also be extremely noisy; thus, it is important to use protective gear such as mask or goggles. The gas does not create any heat, so it is not as fast as the electric model.

The two most popular types of paintball guns are the solid fuel and the propane models. A solid fuel gun uses a metal cartridge and a canister in which the BBs are loaded. In order to ignite the fuel, a small electrical spark is created. This type of gun is extremely powerful; however, it has a relatively short range and accuracy is poor at best.

One type of popularly sold pump paintball guns are the remote control type, which are generally used indoors, as they lack the accuracy needed when used outdoors. The pump models generally shoot in three different types, which include the high velocity, medium velocity, and ultra high velocity. High velocity paintball markers are popular in that they offer fast firing times, but tend to have poor accuracy. Medium velocity markers are more accurate than the high velocity models, but are also faster to reload. Lastly, ultra high velocity models are the most popular type of marker, as they offer excellent firing speeds and can fire continuously for several minutes before needing to be reloaded.

The above mentioned three types of paintball guns are the most commonly sold. There are other types of paintball guns available, which include the breakaway, the electric, and the spring powered types. Breakaway and electric guns are extremely popular among serious and casual players, as they can handle extreme conditions and the range is far greater than with the other types. Spring powered types are used by experienced players, but caution should be used when operating them, as they tend to shoot very fast. These guns also tend to shoot sporadically.