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Rolling Range Bag

Bestseller No. 1
G5 Outdoors GPS TACT Rolling Range Bag TAN, Holds 10...
  • The foam cradle is designed to fully protect and hold 6...
  • Features 4 internal pockets to store 4 additional handguns
  • Wide mouth top opening for easy access. Oversize ATV wheels...
  • Specialized zippered pocket on the bottom for storing extra...
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 2
G.P.S. 2215RB Rolling Range Bag, Black, one Size
  • Padded sides and bottom protect guns and gear
  • Oversized ATV wheels for gravel parking lots
  • Wide mouth top opening for easy access to inside
  • Sport type: Hunting
Bestseller No. 3
Sandpiper of California 2038-O-CB Rolling Loadout Luggage...
  • Similar profile to the Loadout #2037 with the three-wheel...
  • Unzip and expand the main compartment which adds...
  • A simple, but effective design for hauling an incredible...
  • Measures 15.5 deep 37" long and 17" wide
Bestseller No. 4
Explorer RR29 20" Jumbo Range Gear Bag, Black
  • 20" Jumbo Range Gear Bag can hold 8 pistols
  • 8 pockets with 1 big main compartment
  • Long shoulder strap and padded handle
  • Package Weight: 3.239 kilograms
ON SALE!Bestseller No. 5
G. Outdoor Products G.P.S. GPS-T2112ROBB Tactical Rolling...
  • Hunting range gear bags
  • Versatile top of the line
  • Another quality product
  • Country of Origin:China

Buyer's Guide: Rolling Range Bag

A Rolling Range Bag Saves You Time and Energy

A good quality rolling range bag is a must have for any avid shooter. The bag comes with a foldable shoulder strap made from a comfortable blend of leather and nylon. An additional large carry case to safely store all the ammo and multiple firearms you'll be taking with you on the range. It typically also includes a durable adjustable drop bottom shoulder pad has a zippered, leather-lined interior compartment to securely store multiple firearms and plenty of ammunition.

The rolling range bag's interior is usually made with strong materials used in pro sports like soccer balls, pigskin, and cow hide. It usually has some sort of a zipper to keep all your gear organized while on the field. It is designed so it can be carried on your shoulder instead of across your chest, keeping the weight off your body. Most models will also come with an additional carry handle to make it comfortable to carry.

The main feature of the rolling range bag is its ability to store two handguns at once while still keeping them secure in place. You can quickly remove both guns without exposing yourself to the potential for accidents. There are even models available that have a dedicated fire-proof storage area for your ammunition as well as pockets designed specifically for cartridges. There are multiple compartments for your ammunition and other accessories. This makes it very convenient to have all your equipment together in one location, ready to go. The ease of access and secure storage will ensure you never have to fumble around for your gun when shooting.

There are two great features found on some models of this type of bag: the oversized atv wheels used to transport the ammunition and the removable nylon shoulder pad. This setup allows the user to position the oversized atv wheels in whatever arrangement best suits their needs. They can then securely strap the nylon pad onto the bottom of the wheels, keeping it in place and allowing you quick access to your guns. The larger wheels also provide a much smoother ride, meaning you can effortlessly move your tactical rolling bag holds 10 handguns.

The second feature found on the tactical rolling bag features is the wide mouth top opening. This feature allows you easy access to your handguns because there is no need for a holster. Simply pull the top down and grab the weapon with one hand, which has a padded grip and strong back strap. It is made of PVC/ PET grommets, making it highly resistant to wear or tear. Many people prefer the large mouth top opening to open up roomier spaces between their guns for a more stable firing position.

In addition to the large mouth opening, the oversized atv wheels are also beneficial because they prevent unwanted movement while carrying your handguns. Many people experience muscle spasms and strain while carrying their handguns, which can cause discomfort and even hinder your ability to use your guns for extended periods of time. Having the two-piece construction of the tactical rolling range bag along with the foam cradle also ensures the maximum comfort and support as you handle your handguns.

Another feature that makes this bag extremely popular with consumers is its setup to hold additional ammunition. Many times consumers like to use additional ammunition during hunting excursions, because they never know when they may encounter a stray animal or a car that may unexpectedly accelerate off the road. When these individuals add their extra ammunition, they want to ensure that they have easy access to these weapons, which is where the extra pockets come into play. Each of the individual pockets can easily accommodate one or 10 handguns, depending on the size of the individual gun that is being held. There are also multiple compartments on the exterior of the bag, which allows consumers to organize their different handgun accessories.

The front of the tactical rolling range bag has two exterior zippered pockets, one located on each side of the bag and another located under the main zippered pockets. Each of the pockets will easily accommodate one or ten handguns, depending on the size, type of gun, and how many guns you wish to carry. On both sides of the top of the bag there are mesh pockets that provide excellent ventilation for your clothing and allow you to stay dry as you carry your handguns. Some models have an additional pocket attached to the exterior of the main compartment, which allows users to hang their keys and other items, which makes the bag extremely convenient and organized. Additional pockets located around the bottom of the bag hold water bottles, keys, lip balm, sunglasses, and more. Each of these pockets has its own purpose, which allows consumers to stay organized and fully prepared when they pick up their handguns.