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Ruger Lcp 2 Pocket Holster

J&J Custom Formed to fit Your Ruger LCP II (LCP 2) Formed...
  • Premium US Leather
  • Handcrafted By US Artisans
  • Best Custom Fitted Leather Holsters

Buyer's Guide: Ruger Lcp 2 Pocket Holster

Ruger LCP2, English Bridle Leather Stitched With Heavy Duty Nylon - The Right Choice

Ruger LCP2 Pocket Holster, pocket gun leather model, the Ruger LCP2, holsters, gun holsters, pistol holsters, gun cases, accessories, holsters, and gun sights are a favorite among the Ruger community. This pocket gun holster was designed with comfort in mind for the user. It offers a strong grip, and has a comfortable place to keep your handgun while still being able to see it. The design is also extremely ergonomic allowing you to get a good nights sleep with out worrying about your gun.

This holster is perfect for both left handed and right handed men. Most holsters will either make you reach in your pants leg to pull the pistol out, or will rub your leg making it almost impossible to pull out. Ruger LCP2, pocket holster for the Ruger LCP2, made with heavy and durable shiny nylon 6/9oz, english bridle leather, and hand stitch with heavy duty nylon thread, won't slip or move. It's built tough, so it will last you a long time.

You'll look like a seasoned gun owner when you wear your Ruger LCP2, pocket holster, for the Ruger LCP2, and you'll feel like a kid again carrying your gun in style. Holsters come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they make a great gift. A Ruger Holster makes a great gift for any occasion. You can choose a custom made model, or if you're really low on cash, you can go with the standard Ruger pocket carry model. Either way it will show that you care about your gun, and how it looks while it is in your pocket.

Your Ruger LCP2, pocket holster is just as safe as your standard belt model. The metal body of the product, along with its strong stitching, assures you that your child, or spouse, won't be able to put the gun in their mouth. The locking system keeps your child, or spouse, from taking off and getting it out without you knowing it. Also, most models come with a special window for an orange safety indicator, which can be seen from across the room.

The standard Ruger LCP2, English bridle leather and fully hand stitched nnylon fabric construction, will assure you that your Ruger LCP2, pocket holster is going to stay together through many uses. The special orange safety window will give you easy access to the dial, so you can always double check which way the gun should be discharged. The gun leather pv3 right handed pocket holster for theruger 2 is made with heavy and durable shiny black nylon. The front flap of this pocket also includes an orange safety indicator, which will light if you need to activate the locking mechanism. This holster also includes a special snap on bottom flap, to prevent slippage and increase your grip.

Ruger LCP2, English bridle leather, and fully hand woven nnylon fabric construction, will not fray or break, and is made with strong double stitching on the interior sides of the flap pockets, to ensure the strength of your attachment. Some models will include a reversible flap, so you can use either the right or left flap to carry this holster. This style also includes an easy to remove leather key ring.

If you are considering Ruger LCP2, English bridle leather stitched with heavy duty Nylon will give you a long lasting, strong attachment, which is also extremely concealable. It will fit in the buckle area of your belt, with no seams showing at all. When you order your holster online, you will find that they have many different options available to choose from. For instance there are models designed to work with your belt, paddle, or whatever else you might have. They also come in different colours, with either plain or coloured straps included, to make it easier to find the right model for you.

Most of these online stores will have a secure checkout process, to ensure your card information is kept private and confidential. Your holster should arrive in about two to three business days. If you prefer you can have your gun delivered to your home, and then assemble it yourself after. To ensure your satisfaction, check the warranty, before finalizing your order. You may also want to look at some Ruger LCP2 reviews online, to get an idea if this model is suitable for you.