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The Best Ruger Sr22 Holster

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ON SALE!Rank 2
Fobus SR22 Evolution Holster for Ruger SR22, Right Hand...
  • Retention adjustment screw with passive retention
  • Protected sight channel
  • Low profile design for concealability
  • Passive retention, one-piece holster body construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
Rank 3
Fobus Ruger Sr22 Evolution Belt Holster, Black, Right
  • Retention adjustment screw allows user to select...
  • Rubberized paddle insert for comfort and stability
  • One piece holster body construction
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment System
ON SALE!Rank 4
R&R Holsters Matte Black - Kydex Concealment IWB Holster...
  • Fits: RUGER SR22
  • Fits: RUGER SR22
  • .080 Kydex (IWB) Inside the Waistband
  • Adjustable Cant (0-15 degrees) & Adjustable Retention
  • For Small of Back Carry, Select LEFT Hand
  • Made in USA - One Year Replacement Warranty
ON SALE!Rank 5
Fobus Ruger Sr22 Evolution Roto-Holster Paddle, Black, Right
  • Retention adjustment screw allows user to select...
  • Rubberized paddle insert for comfort and stability
  • One piece holster body construction
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment System

Buyer's Guide

Ruger SR22 - How to Get the Best Holster For Your Ruger SR22

If you are looking for a Ruger SR22 holster, there are many different options available to you. Choosing the right holster can be challenging, but not overly so. Holsters can be broken down into three main categories: inside the waist band, outside the waist band, and in a bag or purse. All holsters will work for each of these scenarios and more, so take some time and choose the best one for you!

As for comfort, the Ruger SR22 holsters has a supportive and comfortable feel to them. The Ruger SR22 paddle gun is a beautifully crafted fully-functional pistol that's perfect for most anyone looking for a pistol of any sort. The barrel is only 3.5 inches long, so it s perfectly suited for concealment in either a waist band, around the ankle, or out of the waist band.

This holster comes equipped with an adjustable canteen, which allows it to be fine tuned to fit a variety of different belt styles. An adjustable canteen will also make an easy transition from an IWB kydex holster to an IWB fixed holster. Even though the canteen can be adjusted, it still isn't as wide as some of the other adjustable canteen designs. Some people might prefer an IWB fixed holster over a standard IWB kydex holster.

With the adjustable retention system, you can change the overall retention of the gun. This means you can either leave it a little loose so you have more of a chance to get the job done (with a fast draw), or tighten it up so you get more of a comfortable hold. If you're using your Ruger SR22 for different applications, this is a great feature to add. It will allow you to switch out all of your handguns for different purposes, giving you the flexibility of utilizing all of your handguns in a wide variety of different configurations. When you're looking through a variety of handguns, you don't want to be limited by what kind of grip, canteen, etc you have on the handgun you are using in any given situation.

The adjustable retention system is actually one of the most innovative and beneficial parts of the SR22, and this is reflected in its aesthetics. Rather than having the pistol resting in the holster with a simple retention strap, it has an adjustable canteen and retention screws. Once you've got the gun in place, the screws can be turned to lock the gun in place until you need to use it again. The canteen and retention screws also make it easy to quickly take the gun out, and they have the capability of changing out different handguns.

Another great thing about the Ruger SR22 holsters besides the adjustable canteen and retention screws is the magazine pouch. This pouch allows you quick access to your handgun when you need it, and it is easily disassembled as well. If you are only using your gun for a specific application, then it wouldn't matter as much if there was an easy to take out magazine pouch, but if you were using it for a wide variety of purposes, like defense, then you'll appreciate having the magazines pouch. The Ruger SR22 has a nylon canteen that slides out while the Ruger SR22 magazine pouch slips right back into place.

Since the Ruger SR22 holsters are manufactured with both leather and nylon, they can easily be customized for your needs. You can have either a traditional pouch or you can choose a bi-fold style. This way, even though your Ruger SR22 is not readily seen by people around you, its easy to access when you need to. You can get leather holsters that feature a western motif, or perhaps a hunting theme, and you'll easily be able to personalize your pistol for comfort and safety.

You should know that the Ruger SR22 can be used by right-handed persons just as well as left-handed. The reason why this is the case is because Ruger realized that some shooters might accidentally fire their guns while they had the holster on their right-hand side. This happened because of an accidental slip of the left-hand retention screw. To remedy the situation, the company has designed an easily reversible attachment so that the left-handed will never have to worry about firing a weapon while wearing the Ruger SR22 holster.