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Safariland Duty Holster

Safariland, 6280, SLS, Level 2 Retention Duty Holster, Fits:...
  • 6280-83-131: Fits Glock 17, 22, 31
  • Level 2 retention, Mid-Ride sits just above the belt
  • SLS (Self Locking System) Rotating Hood for protection...

Buyer's Guide: Safariland Duty Holster

Overview of a Safariland Duty Holster

Safariland Duty Holster, a leading manufacturer of high quality duty products, has been a trusted name in the industry for over forty years. This quality company has continued to provide law enforcement professionals and military personnel with the products they need for their jobs. Safariland is the maker of the best quality products for military and law enforcement markets worldwide. Safariland Duty Gear offers many popular items such as pistol holsters, duty belt holsters, handcuffs and magazine cases which are worn by military and police personnel around the world. These products have helped to make their jobs easier and their lives more comfortable.

The belt is one of the most commonly used products in a holster. It is an essential accessory for all duty belts. The duty belt holster includes both the paddle belt as well as the lanyard. The main features of these two different styles of duty belt holsters is the placement of canteen and paddle. The placement of canteen is usually towards the front of the belt, while the placement of the paddle is usually on the left side of the belt.

Paddle holsters offer more flexibility and comfort than the belt style. In addition to offering more space, they are also easier to put on and take off. There is no belt buckle to contend with. Safariland Duty Holster also manufactures a canteen belt that fits all sizes of women's belts.

Many people prefer to use a gun holster for carrying a gun on duty. Holsters work best for this application because they are designed to work in an enclosed space. Because of this, gun holsters prevent debris and the like from being attracted to the gun when it is not being carried. Some models of this type include gun compartments that are easily accessible and zipper pulls that can be attached to belt loops or waist straps. This feature makes it possible to quickly change out the gun in the event that it gets lost.

The typical MSA type holster will include a canteen that is located near the front of the belt. The paddle will be located on the left side of the belt, and most models will also include a lanyard which is usually either worn around the neck or on a cord. A gun will usually be secured in place with a snap or other type of latch. If you choose, you can also purchase an optional shoulder holster that will attach to the side of your gun instead of the top. This will allow for better positioning while wearing the gun, which may be important if the gun is a duty gun.

In general, a duty holster is used to secure the gun while on duty. However, some models are designed as an open carrier holster that can be worn in place of a traditional holster. These are commonly used by law enforcement personnel and those who must travel with a gun at all times. It is important to make sure that your MSA is of the right size and is capable of securing the gun in an effective manner. A properly sized MSA holster will fit your gun and be able to keep it securely in place.

The primary advantage of the MSA type of holster is that they are easily attached and removed from belt loops or waist straps. A secondary advantage is that there is no need to remove the gun entirely from the user's hands. There is only one attachment point, which is typically at the front of the belt. Once the MSA has been attached, the gun is then ready to be placed into a carrying case. Many people prefer to use their MSA for their entire handgun collection, as it is a very reliable and convenient attachment.

Before purchasing a MSA belt holster, it is important to make sure that the gun fits your particular needs. If you plan to use the MSA as your only handgun, then a larger gun will be required in order to secure the gun in a position that will protect against accidental firing. If you intend to transport the gun from place to place, then a smaller belt holster is a more appropriate choice. All MSA holsters are safe to carry and can secure the gun in an effective way.