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Scope Mounting Kit

Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo, 1-Inch/30mm - 545454,...
  • INCLUDES: Torque Screwdriver Wrench, 10 screwdriver bits,...
  • VERSATILE: Provides virtually everything needed to properly...
  • RELIABLE: Alignment and lapping of rings ensure maximum...
  • ACCURACY: Reticle leveling is a key component for the...

Buyer's Guide: Scope Mounting Kit

How to Install a Scope Mounting Kit

Most of the time, using a scope mount kit is a complete waste of money. You can get a scope that has been tried and tested to function correctly with your particular gun, but if it fails to mount correctly, all the savings you've made will go down the drain. It will still mount on any gun no matter what type of gun you use, but if you don't have the required tools handy to mount and adjust your scope properly, then chances are you won't be able to get the best results. This is why knowing how to install the scope mount kit properly is vital.

The first thing you want to do before you even start to look at the scope mounting kits is have a general idea of what you need and want from the scope. If you're new to hunting and only shoot over medium to long-range, you won't need much scope, and you will probably be fine with just a basic system. If, on the other hand, you've been doing this sport for years and are looking to upgrade your equipment, then you'll more than likely need some pretty high-end equipment. These types of rifles usually have a reticle on them like a crosshair.

Getting a scope mounting kit that is compatible with the type of rifle you own is essential. If you don't take the time to check this out first, then chances are you'll be buying a scope that won't work correctly with the type of gun you have. Getting a universal mount will solve this problem, but it doesn't solve the problem of how high or low the scope needs to be mounted. Some of the best rifle scopes come with a weaver deluxe scope mounting kit. This particular kit comes with everything needed to attach a scope to your rifle, including the screws, bolts, and much more.

The best thing about this kit over the other types is that it comes with the necessary tools for a complete installation. This includes a special weaver mounting cage, a particular reticle leveling system, and other tools required to install a scope. With the weaver cage included are an alignment block and a reticle leveling system. This makes this kit extremely easy to use for anyone who has never used a scope before and won't have any problems getting the whole thing to install correctly.

The two necessary tools for installing this scope mounting kit are a torque wrench and a measuring tape. These tools are included in the set, and it is relatively easy to install the scope using these two items. Once you've installed the scope using the torque wrench, installing the reticle leveling system will be time. The set comes with all the necessary tools because you don't need to do a lot to get this working properly.

Except connecting the rifle scope to the scope mount, everything else is pretty much self-explanatory. Two rings must be put on the scopes to start the alignment process. Some grooves will need to be drilled into the scopes to install the locking rings on each side of the rings. The grooves will need to be slightly more significant than the rings since you don't want to put too much force on them when you put them on the rings. Once the drilling is complete, you will need to place the alignment pads on the outside of the rings to hold them in place while they are in position.

The final step in the installation process is to place the locking ring reticle on the end of the alignment pin. The alignment pins can be tough to install, so you might want to use some instructional DVD to help you through the process. Once the reticle is in place, it will need to be adjusted so that the scope is focused correctly at all times. The reticle can be moved up and down to change how far the target is visible at any given time. The last step is to turn on the scope and see if it is working as it should. If everything was done correctly, then the scope mounting kit should work perfectly.

Installing a scope mounting kit may seem daunting, but most people can quickly get through the process with some basic tools and equipment. If you don't feel confident about installing the kit on your own, then you can always purchase a scope mounting kit combo kit from most hunting and sporting goods stores. Many online sites have a good selection of different scope mounting kits. You can read some reviews and get a good idea of which particular kit will work best for you before making your final purchase decision.