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Sig P320 Holster

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  • This holster will not fit polymer frame Taurus Judges

Buyer's Guide: Sig P320 Holster

Which Model of Sig P320 Holster Do You Prefer?

Every Sig P320 gun owner should own a holster. Holsters are important for all handgun carriers, and Sig has designed an excellent product. The Sig P320 is the pistol of choice for many self defense applications. However, if you are not familiar with this particular size of pistol, you may want to consider a holster for your Sig P320.

Your Sig P320 holster should ideally share a similar level of customizability with your gun. After all, carrying a pistol for any length of time requires some degree of customization. Luckily, this gun is chambered in one of the most common sizes of ammunition (9 mm), so it makes it extremely easy to find the right size of holster for you. For this reason, we highly recommend that you look for a manufacturer that can provide an array of Sig P320 holsters in both standard and adjustable retention. With that being said, we are pleased to introduce the Cloak Tuck line, a veritable full lineup of customisable Sig Sauer p 320 IWB holsters which will give any carrier a truly unique experience.

The first thing that you will notice when reviewing the various models of the Sig P320 holsters is that they have a fairly consistent design. There is a close clip connection for the front of the gun, and then there are separate clips for the rear of the weapon. These are the standard features of any true holster, and while they aren't anything special in comparison to the other models we have reviewed, they are a definite must for concealed carry. Without them, any Sig Sauer can potentially be more difficult to conceal.

Once you have established a firm grasp on the basic design of the Sig P320 holsters, it is time to look at the different attachment points. On the bottom backstrap of the holster, there will be two metal loops. Inside of these loops, the two screws that hold down the pistol grip can be turned. This allows you to quickly and easily remove your pistol from the holster without having to remove the entire unit or worry about how to secure it in the first place.

Once you have gotten your pistol out and secured, it is time to turn to the other popular attachment point for the Sig P320 holster. This is the magazine release, which is located at the bottom rear of the pistol. The magazine comes with an assembly that has to be assembled in order to attach it to the holster, so having some knowledge of how to do this shouldn't be a problem. After it is installed, it is simply a matter of inserting the magazine into the designated slot and feeding the blank cartridge through the sights.

In general, most people will find that the adjustable retention and the magazine release are not really necessary to use the Sig sauer p320 holster. Even if you feel that you absolutely must have one, there are a number of models that feature them as well. If you want something that does have both functions, then you will need to look at the model that has a side port strip instead of the normal rectangular hole in the top rear. These models have an "intelligent tip" which prevents the round magazine from hitting you in the face when you take the gun out. The strip on these holsters has an "intelligent tip" that prevents the round magazine from hitting you in the face when you take the gun out.

If you are looking for a good general purpose model, then you may consider the Sig Sauer P320 that features the adjustable retention. For this reason, it is recommended to look at the P320S which has the same retention feature but is left open. This is nice for someone who is not really used to having their hands held above the gun. However, if you are an experienced shooter, you may prefer to go with the adjustable retention model. It is an excellent choice for a general sized pistol.

In summary, these are two of the best general purpose holsters to use for your Sig P320. They are easy to put on and to remove from your handgun. It is important to keep in mind that you can always upgrade both of these to make them even more suitable to your needs. Regardless of whether you choose the adjustable retention or the simple pouches, you are going to find that these two products are very comfortable and safe to use.