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The Best

Small Of Back holsters

Right Hand Small of Back (SOB) or Side/Hip Belt Holster for...
  • Wear Small of Back or Right Side/Hip
  • 3 Belt Slots Offer 2 Draw Positions - Vertical and Forward...
  • Adjustable Snapping Strap Holds Gun in Place
  • Sturdy Tactical Nylon Construction

FAQs: Small Of Back holsters

Are small of back holsters good?

Galco stopped making the small number of back holsters that we made in the past. It's not an excellent way to carry a gun. SOB holsters can be dangerous for defensive carry.

Is small of back carry bad?

It would be best if you were cautious when carrying a small amount of the back holster. Instead, you are more likely to injure yourself if you fall on it. In addition, you can get a hip pointer if you fall on your hip wearing a hip holster. However, you will likely recover.

What is a small of back holster?

The small of back technique is an outside-the pants style of gun-carry, while the gun is in the 6 o'clock position. Both civilians and professionals use the SOB style of carrying. In addition, this type of carry is suitable for carrying backup guns.

What is a back holster called?

Small of the Back, or SOB - A holster worn in the small of your back near your spine. These holsters are OWB and IWB.

Is sob carry safe?

SOB is recommended when sitting in a chair or in an auto. Uncomfortable because it pushes your gun into your back, close to the spine. A fall from the gun too close to the spine can cause serious injury to the spine.

Buyer's Guide: Small Of Back holsters

The small of your back is not the most popular area to carry a gun. It does have its fans though, and certainly, there are good arguments to be made by those that like this carrying position.

The small of your back is great for concealment as most types of clothing hang loose around your back, and together with your lower back’s natural indent, it conceals a gun quite nicely. Driving or sitting down for any length of time can be uncomfortable unless you are like me and have a pretty arched back.

Small-of-back holsters can be either IWB or OWB in style, and if you don’t want to call your holster an SOB for all the wrong reasons, you need to pick the right one for you.

Fortunately, we have done our homework and have selected five of the best for you to consider. Some of our choices are specially designed SOB holsters, whereas others can also be carried on the hip or even appendix style if you like to vary your carrying style depending on what you are doing.

Reviews Of The Best Small of Back Holsters From our Research

Right Hand Small of Back (SOB) or Side/Hip Belt Holster for...
  • Wear Small of Back or Right Side/Hip
  • 3 Belt Slots Offer 2 Draw Positions - Vertical and Forward...
  • Adjustable Snapping Strap Holds Gun in Place
  • Sturdy Tactical Nylon Construction

This holster is made by Cebeci Arms and is made of nylon with a synthetic leather backing. The holster is open at the bottom for longer barrels and it is designed to fit most medium to large semi-autos.

It has three different belt loops so that it can be worn for a vertical or horizontal draw. The retention strap is adjustable, but it is held in place with Velcro, which may not appeal to all users.

The holster is only available in black and is a right-hand draw. Given the three belt holes, it is possible to wear this holster OWB style as well, which gives it some extra versatility. Most nylon holsters tend to be cheaper options compared to Kydex and leather but the Cebeci Arms is well made and is definitely value-for-money. It’s important to note that the holster will not fit pistols with laser attachments.


  • Three belt holes for two different draw styles
  • Retention strap


  • Nylon holsters made for many guns and sizes may fit some guns better than others
Tactical Pancake Gun Holster Houston - ECO Leather Concealed...
  • Strong Metal Clip Maximum Hold and Retention | Fits Glock 19...
  • Safe, Easy and Comfortable to Use as Concealment | For Belts...
  • Lined Inside for Gun Protection and Durability **** This is...
  • Fits: GLOCK 19 23 32 26 27 33 30 | M&P Shield, Springfield...

The tactical pancake is made by Houston Gun Holsters and is made of soft leather with nylon reinforcing on the outer edges. It’s an IWB holster that is made for a right-hand draw, but it could be used as a left-handed holster. The only small issue would be that the sweat guard is slightly tapered on the right side.

The two clips have a strong grip, and the holster can fit belts of up to 1.75-inches in height. The Houston will fit Glocks from the 19 models up to the 33 and most other makes of pistols in that size range.

A plus is that this design can be worn as a small-of-back holster or IWB style and the very soft leather makes it extremely comfortable to wear. One possible downside to a holster like this is that the retention is not adjustable and so some guns may sit fairly loose.


  • One of the more comfortable holsters to wear
  • Fits larger belts up to 1.75-inches


  • Retention is not adjustable

The Charter Arms Pathfinder is made by the Holster Store and is a fully ambidextrous leather holster. It’s made for the smaller frame S&W revolvers such as the bodyguard .38 and the Lady Smith 649. Other makes of revolvers with the same frame size ( J-frame) should fit as well.

The Pathfinder is pretty rigid, maybe a bit more than most leather holsters but its retention is very good and it could be worn in different styles apart from the SOB.

If you are a small revolver person, the pathfinder is worth trying as a small-of-back holster option, and the price is reasonable for a leather holster.


  • Good retention
  • Can be worn cross draw and OWB


  • Only one cant which may be an issue for people that like a more horizontal angle for SOB carry
YT HOBBY Premium Handmade Leather Small of Back SOB Gun...
  • ★ YT HOBBY DIFFERENCE; YT Hobby Gun Holsters are designed...
  • ★ SUPERIOR QUALITY AND HANDCRAFTED; It is produced by...
  • ★ MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY; It fits GLOCK 17, 17 GEN4, 17...
  • ★ SECURITY AND PROTECTION; It minimizes your weapon to...

The YT Hobby leather holster is available in black and brown but is a right-hand draw-only design. The holster is made in a few different sizes to fit different gun models such as the Glocks, Beretta 92F, and 1911 frame pistols.

An unusual feature is that the holster can fit belt sizes up to 1.8-inches in height so if you like a wider belt, the YT Hobby is a good choice. Another advantage is that the trigger guard and barrel are fully covered, which is best for comfort and drawing safety.

In terms of quality, the holster is reinforced where wear and tear is likely to happen and has double stitching in all the right places. Due to the cant, this holster is an SOB-only holster and would not really work in any other carry style, but it’s really good for what it’s designed for.


  • Different sizes to fit a large number of pistols
  • Can fit belts up to 1.85-inches in height
  • Good price


  • Did not find any except that the belt loops are a bit stiffer than most leather holsters

This leather holster is an IWB design and is available in three colors, brown which is pictured above, and a black or orange crocodile-embossed style, which is unusual. The quality of the leather is good but it is thinner compared to most leather holsters.

The thinner leather is very comfortable but could be a problem for reholstering because a tight belt could deform the holster when your gun is removed. The holster is made to fit most compact and smaller auto-pistols and would probably be the best fit for subcompacts.

A clip holster is versatile and can be worn in different carry styles if you don’t want a holster that restricts you to SOB carry only. This is a pretty simple holster and is one of the most affordable leather holsters on the market. The only issue that you may have with SOB carry is that the cant is not adjustable to accommodate drawing preferences from the SOB position.


  • Versatile. Can be worn in many carry styles
  • Comfortable


  • The cant is not adjustable

Most holsters that are designed specifically for SOB carry will have a 30 degree forward cant. This results in your gun grip pointing almost 90 degrees upwards. This type of setup is obviously tailored towards the majority as this is the best cant taking everything into consideration for your average shooter.

With your gun sitting at a 30-degree cant and reaching for your gun with your palm facing inward, most people find that this is best in terms of balance between comfort and practical draw speed and access. If you are not your average Joe and you have different ideas regarding the cant, or you like to draw from your back with your palm facing outwards, we still have a few choices for you.

A Point to Consider For an SOB Holster

If you are a right-handed shooter and you want to have an SOB rig that you draw with your palm facing out, it would mean buying a left-handed holster. This is not necessarily a problem but it will mean that your holster has only one use.

If you get a conventional SOB holster, then you can also carry it appendix or cross-draw style if you wanted. Again, this would be a concern for people that want a holster with a bit more versatility.

Another comfort issue is the size of your gun. If your everyday carry gun is a full-size revolver or auto-pistol, you can carry your gun SOB style occasionally. If SOB is going to be your default carry position, then it is best to carry a smaller pistol like a compact. Carrying a full-size auto-pistol with a 19 round magazine will have a long grip. At least in my experience, this becomes unbearable.


Generally speaking, SOB holsters do not have additional retention features simply because they can make drawing from behind your back a lot slower and more complicated. The upside is that your gun tends to be more stable at your back and is less likely to move around when you are active. However, if retention is very important to you, then check out our first review, as it is the only holster option on our list that has a retention strap.

A Comfortable Carry Method

Normally I like to provide a selection that covers all materials such as Kydex/polymer, leather, and nylon. It may be a personal bias on my part, but I think there is a reason why holsters that are made specifically for SOB style are leather, and a smaller number will be nylon.

This is just because its leather and nylon are more comfortable for the back position. If you really want to try a Kydex holster, then choose a thin one with a clip, but I am sure that experience will leave you agreeing with the majority of holster manufacturers. Softer materials are the best way to go for SOB carry.

Final Thoughts

That’s our round-up of the best SOB holsters. If you are investigating SOB holsters for the first time, then perhaps you should try out the different SOB draw cants before choosing your preferred holster.

You can experiment with an unloaded gun in different angles at your back to determine whether you are the average person who finds a horizontal gun position works best or if you are a minority that prefers more vertical cants.

Read More About Small Of Back holsters

There are many ways to conceal your weapon. However, this one is more common than most people realize. This is the 'Small of the Back (SOB) concealed carry. This is the preferred method for law enforcement officers to carry their backup guns. This position can also be used by civilians as a primary or backup weapon. A best small back holster is necessary to allow you to conceal your concealed weapon carry and make it easy to access.

This review will focus on giving you some buying tips. These tips will help you choose the SOB holster that best suits your style and needs.

It is not the best position for all to carry SOB, and it does not offer the fastest draw. Comfortable concealed wear is one of the biggest pluses. This is especially important for those who need or want to EDC (Everyday Carry).

What To Look For In The Best Small Of Back Holsters

There is no perfect method of conceal carry. Each method has its positive and negative sides. A few criteria are required to ensure that the best back holsters meet these requirements. Although some of these tips may seem obvious, many shooters fail to see their importance. These tips will help you narrow down the choices to a small number. You will then be able to choose the style and type of jewelry that suits you best.


You should make sure that your back holster matches the firearm. It is important to note that many models will fit different guns. If you don't see your gun model in bold letters, then we recommend that you buy a holster with adjustable features.

A model without a defined cast shape is a better choice. This will ensure that your handgun will fit the model. It should have a thumb stop to hold your gun in place.

Locate or Fitting

Although all of the best small back holsters can be found in the same place, their placement is different. Concealed carry holsters can be either IWBs or OWBs (Inside Waist Band or Outside Waist Band). Some conceal carry holsters can be placed directly on your arch.

The OWB models are not suitable for you if you want to be able to wear regular clothes. These models are beautiful in their own right, but they can be easily seen when you sit or jump.

Two decisions are necessary. You should first identify SOB holsters specifically made for your handgun. This will allow you to achieve weapon retention and secure holstering. Personal preference is the second issue. SOB holsters can be clipped to your belt in OWB style, while others slide into your waistband. Choose the right one for you.


Although all of the units are made of high-quality materials SOB, there is one thing you should be aware of. It should not be rigid enough to cause discomfort, as previously mentioned. It should also have a soft or smooth interior.

Your firearm will be most likely to get scratches from a solid interior. Although these scratches may not seem significant at first, they accumulate quickly and make your firearm look old. If the tension screw can be adjusted, you should not choose a model with a rigid interior. This allows you to set it in the most appropriate way.

Kydex and leather are the most popular materials. Although leather is not as strong or durable as Kydex, many people prefer it for their holsters. This exception is for those who expect to use their weapon and holster a lot. Kydex might be the best option in this situation.

Comfortable and easy to draw

To get the best model, there are some things you should pay attention to. It should be comfortable. It should also be straight for easy drawing. You should make sure it has a breathable structure to ensure maximum comfort. You should also make sure it is padded. If the model is too rigid, it will be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Comfort should be a top priority when you are wearing it. EDC is more demanding than ever. Comfort is not enough. You also need to have easy access and a quick draw action. Your weapon will be easy to reach thanks to the angle (or tilt), also known as the kidney carry. It is also a great ergonomic tool that can relieve your spine.

Also, be aware of the orientation. You don't want to choose a model that is left-handed if you are right-handed.

These two elements can be combined. This combination will result in an SOB holster that can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time but can still be pulled quickly if necessary. These will make sure you have the best holster possible.

Which level of concealment do you want?

SOB holsters can be made so that your gun's muzzle is visible. This type of holster will not conceal your gun completely. Another type of SOB holster is available which conceals your weapon well. They allow you to angle your weapon for a more effective draw.

The small-of-back or small-of-back gun holsters hold the handgun in the middle of your lower back. This is a great way to carry a larger gun, provided you don't sit for too long. While they are easy to conceal with a longer jacket or shirt, they can become uncomfortable if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk or in a car. You'll likely be drawing on passers-by. Re-holstering can be a painful task, especially if you don't know what you are doing.

Which is the Best Small Back Holster?

Our spines can hold so much weight, but we rarely use them to do any work. It is unlikely that you will feel any discomfort by placing your firearm at one of the strongest points of your body.

A best small back holster will give you the perfect concealment spot for your firearm without compromising your comfort. You will forget that it is there if you are able to use it all day and night.

These are some of the characteristics of the best SOB gun holsters. Our discussion shows that small back holster designs are available in many styles. Definitely, there is a style that suits you. This guide will help you to get the most out of your purchase hopefully.