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Swamp Fox Optics

Swampfox Tomahawk LPVO (1-4x24 Guerrilla Dot BDC)
  • True 1x optical performance- no "fish eye"
  • Outstanding eye box for fast acquisition
  • Ultra bright and flat sight picture
  • Illuminated, etched SFP reticle

Buyer's Guide: Swamp Fox Optics

What You Should Know About Swamp Fox Optics Buyers Guide

The latest addition to the line of sunglasses by the famous eyewear manufacturer Swamp Fox is called the Sunflower lens. This lens has been improved over the previous models by the company. It comes with polycarbonate lenses - one of the latest available. The polycarbonate lenses are incredibly lightweight and durable - which is a positive factor as you will not have to carry around heavyweight lenses for a while. However, the most significant positive point about these lenses is that they are very stylish.

If you want to buy a pair of glasses and have an eye problem, you should check out the Sunflower lens. If you have vision problems, you can also go in for this one, as it will provide you with excellent vision. However, you need to understand that you cannot wear them to drive - but only to relax at home, at work, or otherwise when your eyes are healthy. You will find it difficult to read the small print on these glasses. Thus, unless you need to read every day, you should avoid these.

People have different preferences, and therefore you will find that there are many types of sunglasses in the market. For example, if you love surfing, you will find some that feature a curved lens. This is known as the Meditation type of sunglasses. Then others are flat. These are called the buoys - they have lenses that curve when you look through them.

There are plenty of options when it comes to sunglasses as far as frames are concerned. Amongst the choices you have, the most common ones are the round and square ones. Both of these are very well known, and you can also go in for the ones in vogue, including the retro designs. This means that you can get your favorite sunglasses like the ones worn by Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper. The good thing with buying the retro glasses is that they look fresh even today, but remember to go in for the right frame design since they can be quite heavy.

Some people prefer the ones with lowered lores. As the name suggests, these lenses are inclined to tilt downward. This helps to reduce the reflections that are caused by the sun. While buying this lens type, you need to consider that the higher the frame, the heavier it becomes. Thus, when you have lower lores in your lenses, you can enjoy better vision without any fatigue.

If you are looking to buy some cheaper varieties of these lenses, then you should go in for the polycarbonate ones since they offer great features at a much lower price. Since polycarbonate comprises a series of plastic ingots, it is possible to imagine how lightweight and durable they can be. People opt for these lenses because they are pretty cheap and do not often require lenses to be replaced.

Another lens type available is the H2O lenses. While they are manufactured from water, they have the advantage of retaining moisture in the eyes. This allows people to use them for a more extended period of time, even if their eyes become dried out. Even though these lenses might be cheaper than the rest, they are certainly worth a try because they can really help improve your vision.

To increase your comfort, you should go in for water-resistant eye gear. Such eyewear helps to ensure that the moisture does not seep into the eyes. However, it is equally important to note that such waterproof eyewear must always be kept away from the face, where harmful vapors could seep into the eyes. If you fail to keep them out of reach, then you might end up losing your eyesight. A wise person once said: it is always better to err on the side of caution than to risk losing your sight.