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Tactical Boot

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military...
  • YKK side zipper for quick on/off
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Durable leather and performance nylon upper
  • Moisture wicking, breathable lining

Buyer's Guide: Tactical Boot

Men's Tactical Boot

Tactical boots are designed to be highly functional for military and other outdoor activities. These boots have many features that make them different from regular work boots. These features can be seen in boots such as the US Marine Corps GTN or the Special Forces Nodestra. These boots are designed with features that maximize comfort, durability, and performance in active duty and non-duty situations.

The midsole, tongue, and heel of the tactical boot determine its support level in the active environment. High-performance tactical boots feature a high-density, flexible, and lightweight midsole that offers outstanding balance and lateral stability. Perfect for hiking and rugged terrain use, the outsole of the shoe is made with a polyurethane polymer compound and is adept at providing traction, stability, and protection. Ideal for wear on the field and in the workshop, the outsole of these boots should be able to take a lot of pressure and handle impact well. Ideal tactical boots also feature an 8 to 10 inch high midsole with a lightweight, durable, and resilient outsole to provide maximum grip and traction on rough and rugged terrain.

A laces system is found in the heel part of most tactical boots to secure the laces and provide flexibility for the wearer. The laces of the Tactical Boots are usually made of nylon or leather, with the latter material being preferred because it resists rust and acts as a moisture barrier when out in the field. Lacing systems of these boots are generally fastened by eyelets that run along the front of the shoe from the toe to the end of the laces. One drawback of laces is the tendency for the laces to become snagged on rocks and other items in the boot. However, this may be overcome by tying the laces together with dental floss to prevent laceration and abrasion.

Three things determine the performance of your tactical boots: the laces, the midsole, and the heel. The laces and the midsole should both have reinforced toe and heel parts to withstand impact and long-term use. High-performance tactical boots from UGG have reinforced upper and lower laces to improve lateral stability, increase durability, and provide greater ankle support. These units are available in both wool and synthetic materials. Most of the time, synthetics offer greater durability than wool, which can be used in areas where wool may be too cold or expensive.

Another vital aspect of a tactical boot is the ankle support and arch support. This component of the shoe is important because your ankles will experience a lot of flexion and stress during daily activities and duty boots are specifically designed to take the shock and pressure of these movements. Ankle support is also a critical component of many military shoes and lowers the risk of injury to the ankle during military activities. Some manufacturers use air force foot pedals to deliver even pressure to the ankle.

Many people are intimidated by work boots that consist of rubber outsoles. But when you are on the trail in the great outdoors, there is nothing more uncomfortable than coming down from a hill and feel a sharp burn in your calves. If you choose a high-quality pair of tactical work boots with an extra layer of padding between the sole and your skin, you won't have to worry about this discomfort. Some manufacturers, such as Black Wolf, include an ergonomic split sole with their boots that has built in padding. Other options include the German gear sandal with a gel cushion and Gore-Tex lining.

When it comes to public safety, most people focus on the protection of the police. However, the average citizen is subject to assault and theft every day and these products provide essential protection for the average citizen as well. A good pair of tactical boots will protect against most types of assault and will keep your feet safe from objects that could prove deadly or debilitating. In addition, a good pair of boots is good not only for protection, but also for comfort and protection.

Most popular brands produce a midsole with an air flow control feature to improve moisture management and waterproofing. Midsole ventilation is important because it allows your foot to breathe while keeping dampness at bay. In addition, they improve shock absorption and can keep your feet dry when there is no moisture in the air. One of the newest products to make this type of footwear more comfortable is the Gore-Tex lining that can be found in most waterproof footwear. It works by wicking out any moisture in the air and provides superior traction. Look for high quality materials and construction to get the best protection and comfort in the outdoors.