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The Best Tactical Gifts

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Choosing Tactical Gifts For the Military, Police, and civilians

Tactical gifts for law enforcement and military personnel are one of the best gifts you can give someone who makes an impact on you. Tactical gifts are the perfect means to let your law enforcement or military spouse know that you truly appreciate all they do. Whether that individual is your spouse, a family member, or a friend, a great tactical gift is always the ideal way to express "ient; thank you, and to truly benefit their actions with an useful item. Read below for some great ideas on tactical gifts for the men and women in your life.

Tactical Gear - There is a large variety of tactical gear available. Items range from handcuffs and gun holsters to flashlights and key chains. Some gifts even include ballistic vests and other items which would be of use to your law enforcement partner if faced with the unfortunate circumstance where you must take an arrest. If the subject does not appear to be armed or appears to be physically incapacitated you can then use the tactical gear to subdue them. This is also an excellent gift idea to send to a spouse, parent, child, or sibling. When you buy these types of tactical gifts for people you will be showing them how much you truly care and how much you value their safety and security.

Left To Right Gear - For those of you who may not be familiar with this term, "left to right" describes how the bullet exits a gun. The term is derived from the fact that the caliber of the BB will exit the gun at a right angle to the target. When tactical gifts for police officers and military are being ordered, this gear is usually supplied. There are several companies that make this gear and are known for making the best quality products in this category. They are Tanfli and VMI.

Knife Sheaths/Bags - For cops and military there are knife sheaths that can be issued when necessary as well. This can include knives with scabbards that can be attached to the belt through an existing belt loop or through the use of a concealment pouch. There are also some models that will convert into a pistol and have a clip magazine. A few companies make these bags with a built-in magazine pouch so the cops do not need to purchase one.

Concealed Carry Gloves - These can also come in the form of fingerless leather gloves. The VMI Tactical Gear company makes these gloves as well. Tactical clothing gift ideas that incorporate tactical gear include turtlenecks, vests, and shirts. These can be used to supplement traditional concealment clothing that would be issued to an agent or policeman. These often feature detachable liners that provide extra protection to prevent damage during falls or other physical contact.

Carrying Supplies - This would include gun holsters, duty belts, and other items used for tactical gifts. This can be used by both police officers and regular people. It is important to choose supplies that will be used by someone both physically and chemically. There is a vast difference between regular tactical gear and chemical defense tactical gear. Other companies that make these types of products include Radley, Black Wolf, and others.

Water Resistant Sunglasses - For those who are more outdoorsy, there are water resistant sunglasses that can be used by both the military and the general public. Some of these have polarized lenses to cut down on glare. There are many different types of these. Some include the Radley Outdoor Optics, Black Wolf Optics, and the Black Wolf waterproof Sunglasses. For added protection, these can also be purchased with camo backing.

These are just a few types of tactical gifts available. The key is to look at the needs of the person and customize the gifts. The bottom line is that tactical gifts are great for any occasion and can really show how much the person values their job.