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Taurus G3 Holster

G2c Holsters, OWB Holster for Taurus G2C G3C G2S G3 TX22...
  • Compatible & Incompatible: Compatible with taurus 3.2"...
  • High Safety: Level II Retention. It will automatically lock...
  • Excellent Design: Made of military polymer material, easy to...
  • Paddle Attachment: 360 degrees tooth gear for...

Buyer's Guide: Taurus G3 Holster

Taurus G3 Holster - The Best Choice For a Concealed Carry IWB holster

The Taurus G3 holsters are designed for comfortable and reliable storage of your handgun. There are two basic types of holsters - the Taurus dry holsters and the Taurus paddle holsters. These holsters have many advantages over competition and over the competition of traditional belt holsters.

The Taurus G3 holster is designed for quick and easy concealment. Its design makes it ideal for the everyday carry of a gun. Your Taurus G3 pistol holster begins with a special custom-made retention case, specifically manufactured for your Taurus G3 only. Carry confident knowing that your handgun is securely retained in the belt, with variable passive retention in a variety of different heights to accommodate your height. The rigid hard plastic shell ensures a quick draw and comfortable reholstering.

In addition to its highly visible, easy to see, and secure retention in your belt, the Taurus G3 holster also offers a third advantage. Because it is a belt holster, it can be worn on either side of the waist (in addition to your hands). This means that you can readily wear your concealment belt under your belt without having to expose your handgun. With the added length and weight of the belt, this adds an additional 4 inches to the overall length of your pants. The Taurus G3 holster allows you to take your concealment belt with you instead of leaving it at home.

This gun holster is available in two styles - traditional semi-automatic and fully automatic. Each model has been modified for both easy accessibility and comfort. The traditional semi-automatic model features a quick disconnection handle located on the top of the handle. It has an easily adjustable cant and an aggressive look. On the other hand, the fully automatic model can accommodate a number of handguns and is ideal for left hand shooters. With the interchangeable back straps, the gun can be held securely with either hand.

For more concealment, there are several options from the Taurus G3 Holster line. Some models are fully lined with leather or synthetic material for ultimate protection. Other holsters use a soft lining, such as Nylon, which makes them less noticeable but still able to hold up against a range of belt sizes and types. There are also models that can be placed inside of a regular pair of jeans. These are perfect for men who work out, since they can easily be slipped on and off while working out and then taken to the range for an excellent shooting experience.

When selecting a belt holster, it is important to keep one basic rule in mind: If you carry a large handgun, consider a larger belt. This will allow you to carry your handgun comfortably as well as allow you to lift your handgun over your head while remaining more concealable. The same is true for smaller handgrips; if you carry a small handgun, go with a medium or small belt that will give you the best balance and accommodations while still allowing you to carry your handgun comfortably.

Many people agree that the best way to ensure their safety while they are carrying is to have a comfortable belt holster. Some people opt for a traditional belt holster that features a traditional button design that can be reversed easily by undoing the two metal clamps that are mounted on either side of the belt. Others prefer belt clip models for easier access to their handguns. One of the most popular taurus g3 holsters is the nickel pocket model. This belt model features a snap closure, which allows the gun to be carried more easily when the belt is unzipped.

Taurus makes other fine holsters such as the gold bulldog model which has a classic look that is ideal for both dressy casual occasions as well as a more formal event. The taurus g3 also comes in different colors including gunmetal grey. The gun is easy to carry and conceal because of the strong belt loops and paddle release mechanism. Some people even consider the taurus g3 to be an understated but efficient choice for carrying gun iwb holster. Most experts agree that the Taurus G3 is an excellent choice for carrying gun iwb holster.