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Taurus Public Defender Holster

Galco CM302 Combat Master Belt Holster for Taurus Public...
  • Premium saddle leather, double-stitched seams and...
  • Open top design offers a swift draw and presentation
  • Butt-forward cant allows effective concealment of even a...

Buyer's Guide: Taurus Public Defender Holster

Taurus Judge Custom Leather Holster Review

What are the best ten things that you can get for a decent price these days? That's the question a lot of gun owners ask themselves every month when they go shopping for guns for their loved ones. What do you buy for yourself? If it's guns, than you know you need to spend money on a decent gun. But what if you're shopping for a holster instead of buying a gun?

We put together a list of 10 best Taurus public defender holsters in the market today and we looked for one that would meet the criteria we listed above. First, it has to be comfortable. The holster has to fit your particular hand size, because every taurus judge has two hands with different sizes and so does every defense lawyer. So it's a good idea to buy a holster that fits your particular hand size so you won't end up with sore arms after putting the holster to the test.

Next, the belt holster has to work with your belt. While some people like to use their regular taurus public defender holster, others may be more comfortable using belt holsters. We found that both work equally well as long as you're aware of how to adjust it properly to fit your own belt. We don't recommend trying to force it too much, because it will cause a bigger problem down the road. This is the number one cause of shooting mishaps.

Lastly, the gun should be of the right length. Just as important as the belt holster, it's just as critical that the gun itself is of the right length. The reason we recommend a longer gun versus a shorter one is because people who have shorter arms are more apt to accidentally aim too far above the belt loop or to squeeze the trigger too hard. Longer guns also tend to shoot better for those who are taller. If you are too short or too tall, then this will be magnified and potentially lead to a bad shooting.

The next criteria we looked at when evaluating the Taurus Public Defender Holster was the belt. Obviously, the belt will need to fit the belt loops, which is why we recommend that you get a custom leather holster. When evaluating them, we recommend sticking with the same manufacturer (Taurus) since they make the belt that you will attach the gun to. It's better to have an official belt fit from a reputable company than to try to slap on whatever you can find in a department store, which is what happened to us.

The final criteria we looked at is how easy it is to disassemble the Taurus Judge or Taurus Public Defender Holster. There are many different holsters to choose from, so it will come down to your personal preference. Overall, both the Taurus Judge and Taurus Public Defender are very easy to put together and use. There is one major difference between the two though: the Taurus Public Defender has a magazine release and a paddle with two fingers that you can use to push the holster forward and easily remove the magazines. The Judge does not. This may be a slight inconvenience to some, but to most people will be more annoyed by the lack of magazine release.

So which one do you think is more reliable? In our humble opinion, the Taurus Judge is the better of the two holsters. The only real complaint is that it lacks a magazine release. Since we don't use them very much, it doesn't really matter much. However, if you are someone who carries them every day and need something reliable and strong for your handgun, then the Taurus Public Defender may be a more suitable choice.

All in all, both of these belt clip holsters are very sturdy, reliable and easy to use. The Taurus Public Defender is also much more aesthetically appealing, while providing a much greater degree of flexibility when you need to change the way you carry your handgun. We recommend you have both!