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Tokarev Holster

Federal Holsterworks Gun Holster for Tokarev Pistol Models...
  • Ambidextrous - Fits most Tokarev Variants
  • Belt Loop or Clip-on wear
  • Front Mounted Extra Magazine Pouch
  • Snap-Release Adjustable Thumb-Break Strap

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The Advantages of Using a Tukarev Holster

When you purchase a Tokarev Holster from us, you're receiving a well made, durable piece. We take great care in designing our hand guards and other leather products to be both functional and long lasting. Because of the high premium nylon materials we use in our construction, you can count on holsters lasting for many years. Each holster also has a slim styling to minimize imprinting and maximize comfort; creating a perfect solution for conceal carry.

The quality of your Tokarev Holster will determine its lifespan. We offer three different lifetime warranties on all of our products - for the frame, the slide, and the springs. If your product ever needs repair or refinishing, we can help. Many of our holsters feature hardwood frames with black finishes. If you prefer, we can also custom design a blacked out, concealable handle for your pistol.

Our all time favorite is the front mounted bolt and slide assembly. This mechanism quickly secures your handgun safely into place while drawing. Your finger is freed up for another task with the press of the button on the side. It is designed to be comfortable for daily usage. No tools are required to open or close the system.

For security and comfort, we recommend the blade style of this holster. A stainless steel bar attaches the blade to the front of the grip. This assures extra strength and longevity. The top of the handle is also lined with finger recesses to ensure secure placement. All rails are lined with O.D. strips to prevent interference with magazine release.

The thumb break is another useful accessory. When not in use, it can be kept tucked away under the seat. This will free up your hand to pull the trigger instead of grabbing the pistol by the butt. You'll have no problems at the range when your finger is fully operational. The thumb break is designed to assist those who are new to carrying a sidearm by providing a firm and secure place to break the bolt.

There are many reasons to choose this popular holster. The handles are easy to grip, the fit is very comfortable, and the overall appearance is quite striking. We recommend this holster for people who frequently carry a handgun. If you want an easy way to draw and maintain a steady hold on your gun, then this may be an option you should look at.

For self defense, a holster is essential. While many designs provide an easy, friction free draw, the tokarev makes it a snap to put on and take off. A small hole allows your pistol to be securely fastened to the bottom of the holster. If you're ever in a situation where you must defend yourself, then this is a very good choice. It provides a firm and secure hold, which is just what you need to keep yourself safe.

Since many people prefer the feel of leather versus metal, the tokarev is a great alternative. Although we don't typically recommend the product to people who are highly allergic to leather (or anything else for that matter), it is still a fairly durable and attractive piece of hardware. If you enjoy wearing jewelry, then this may be a good choice for you. Many online retailers offer it at a discount if you purchase it in bulk. A well-designed holster is sure to provide you and your family with many years of use and enjoyment.

One of the best aspects of using a Tukarev holster is the way it stays in place. You simply place it in the correct position, and then pull it all the way down until it doesn't dig into your leg or waist. While the design may look awkward in some ways, it is actually a very intuitive way to carry your gun, and you'll likely find that it is very comfortable to use.

You can purchase this type of holster in several different styles, including those that attach to the side of your belt. There are also models that hook onto the front of your belt. However, they generally attach in the same way as the ones that connect to your belt. Which type you choose will depend on your preferences.

You'll also want to pay special attention to the materials used. Not only should the holster be comfortable, but it should also be high quality and work with any belt size, wallet, or other accessories you might have. There are several different materials from which to choose, including leather and a variety of different colors. If you're looking for a particular color, try searching online for reviews of different products and see what others have to say. In general, these holsters are a great choice for anyone looking to keep their gun safe and close at all times.