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Tritium Sights

TRUGLO TFX Tritium and Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for...
  • Unmatched Visibility in all shooting conditions, night or...
  • Front sight Focus-Lock Ring for even faster focus
  • TFX Sealed Capsule Design provides maximum protection and...
  • Concealed Fiber cannot be seen by target; Snag Resistant...

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Uses of Tritium Sights With Other Pistol Sight Accessories

There is no other type of sight that makes more sense when defending yourself against an attacker than night vision scope sights. If your only natural form of defense is to run away from an attacker, then this is one sight that you absolutely must have! The problem is that so many people don't know about these sights. Most people only think about night vision optics when buying a rifle or shotgun that shoots "shotgun fire". But these are only the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to night vision scopes.

Night vision scopes are necessary for a modern handgun for law enforcement, military, or just personal self-defense usage. You can't see the attacker because he will not be able to see you. The only way you can protect yourself from an attacker is by using a product that allows you to see him... but not him enough for you to be able to hit him. Many manufacturers have solved this problem with their new night vision products known as "tritium" sights.

The U.S Military developed the original Tritium Sight after WWII. It was the result of combining two technologies, the luminous aiming reflector and the bullet track technology. The brilliant aiming glass (LAR) uses a special anti-reflective coating to allow the human eye to see through the bullet track. In contrast, the bullet track uses a tracking device to return the bullet to its point of origin. When these two systems are combined, the result is a sight capable of seeing through any medium, including the darkness. This combination is what makes tritium sights so unique.

The tritium system offers an increased range of detection by a far more robust optic system. The tritium sights can detect targets at longer ranges than other handgun sights because of the superior laser technology used in its design. The laser, similar to that used in computer graphics, produces a beam that can be adjusted to stay between the front sight and the rear sight of the handgun. Because of this feature, the laser will not need to "focus" itself on the target as it moves, resulting in a far more stable image and greatly improved accuracy. In addition, the laser's beam can also be adjusted for low-light environments such as night hunting.

These technological improvements result in a sight that is capable of viewing the surrounding environment in much better detail than a conventional handgun. For example, a target standing at a distance may appear fuzzy, whereas a gun equipped with tritium sights can give you the exact target location you are looking for. This is because the laser will be at the right focus when you are at a distance and can see details of the environment simultaneously. The tritium sights can also use a co-aligned reticle, in which case one lens will focus entirely upon the first notch while the other focused upon the base of the target.

The tritium sights can also use a hybrid co-aligned system. While the target base appears bright and crisp, there is a clear ring of glowing material around the top of the target, making it easier to pinpoint a point of interest. The material itself glows with a greenish-yellow color and is invisible when the gun is not being held. This is a fabulous accessory to have, but one that should be routinely inspected for problems. If the system begins to malfunction or is not operating correctly, it is important to replace the unit immediately.

In addition to the tritium night sights that offer enhanced visual capabilities when hunting, they also glow when a gun is fired. This means that a hunter who is stalking prey will have an easier time seeing the cat in the bag as it leaves the tree line. The gun will also remain more visible under low light conditions because of the tritium lights. The gun will remain bright even in total darkness because the glowing gas emitted by sight will make the area bright again.

The tritium sights can also be used with the fiber-optic laser systems commonly used to enhance weapon illumination at the blind and end of the rifle scope. Unlike the tritium night vision system, the fiber optics system uses a stream of laser pulses to provide the hunter with brighter sights. Hunters who prefer to carry their weapons in a scoped manner can also benefit from the fiber-optic unit. Hunters and users of other pistol sights will find that the tritium carbide models of fiber optics are easy to operate and provide a high level of functionality at an affordable price.