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Ultimate Belly Band Holster

DTOM Ultimate Comfort Neoprene Belly Band Holster for...
  • Ultimate comfort and versatility. Soft, strong, stretchable...
  • Fits waist size 33"- 42" belly. IMPORTANT: Measure across...
  • Quick Draw One Handed nylon THUMB BREAK** and not the cheap...

Buyer's Guide: Ultimate Belly Band Holster

How a Belly Band Holsters a Handgun

If you are planning to buy a holsters, which will help you keep your handgun concealed without appearing conspicuous, the Ultimate Belly Band Holster may be what you're looking for. There are many excellent holsters on the market today, but not all are made with your needs in mind. A large number of holsters simply aren't designed with long term use in mind, and aren't very comfortable to carry. This may mean the end of your current handgun holster, or possibly even your ability to obtain a concealed carry permit in your state.

First on the list is the Ultimate Belly Band Holster, which was specifically designed especially for you to conceal your gun exceptionally well while still being comfortable to wear. Made to fit several different sizes of firearms. It has an extra heavy duty zipper construction to ensure that your gun will be comfortable to wear during a long period of time. You'll love the extra padding and how the nylon fabric covers your gun for ultimate security.

The third feature in this particular holster is the deep concealment pockets located all around the exterior of the band. These pockets will keep all your essentials close by, yet out of sight. They run from top to bottom, the bottom pockets running parallel to the gun. These pockets can also be used to carry another item, such as a cell phone, or lighter. With the elastic band attached to the outside of the band, it will stay completely secure and won't come undo.

The fourth feature is the appendix position. It is designed so that the gun will be held at an appropriate angle to fit your body shape, for maximum comfort. When worn, the appendix is completely hidden from sight. That means that the gun cannot be accidentally fired, causing minimal threat to you. And the belly band fits snugly into the appendix for ultimate security.

The fifth feature of this type of holster is its comfort. I have worn many different styles, including the drawstring pouch style. In all of them, there were a number of places where my skin would become irritated, most notably under the padded padding of the drawstring pouch. But with the Ultimate Belly Band Holster, no such irritation occurs, as the material is so soft and stretchy that it conforms to every part of you, including your skin, making it one of the most comfortable holsters I've ever worn.

The sixth feature is the fact that it will go with all of your other apparel easily. If you wear a white or black shirt, you can wear the Ultimate Belly Band Holster and still keep your pants or blouse tucked in. And it will not ride up, or get in the way of your belt or shoes.

Finally, the seventh and last feature is the ease with which it can be worn. As I mentioned above, it is not only secure, but very comfortable. There are no retention straps on the outside of the product, so it is very easy to put on and take off. And it can be worn over top of your shirts, or around your waist. With a quick draw, it attaches to your belt can be removed, and the gun can be carried wherever you need it.

It is important to note that I did not mention how fast the gun can be fired from the appendix position. It depends upon how fast you can get your hands on it. And how fast you take off. But from an anecdotal standpoint, I do feel that wearing this type of belly band holster adds comfort and speed to carrying your handgun. For most people, there really isn't a scenario in which it would make sense to use anything other than a belly band holster for the handgun.