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Philem Withlead
Published Aug 26, 2021
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Our Top Picks for Wallet Holsters

Reviews of the Best Wallet Holsters from Our Research

DeSantis Trickster Holster

The Desantis is a back pocket holster that does print but will appear as though you have a regular wallet in your pocket. It’s designed to fit a range of micro auto-pistols like the Kimber Micro, Sig Micro, and the S&W M&P Bodyguard 380.

The Desantis is designed as an ambidextrous holster but unlike most ambidextrous designs, the wallet is slightly better suited to left-hand carriers. This is because when used in the right back pocket, the gun grip can print. In order to get around this problem, you need to have the gun grip facing out and draw with your palm facing outwards.

This may require some practice for a right-hander to get comfortable with. That issue aside, the wallet holster is made of good quality leather at a decent price. The overall quality of workmanship is good and the retention should be fine for semi-autos of the size listed above, although the retention is slicker than most leather holsters. If it’s in your back pocket, slicker retention may be better. I assume this is intentional in order to make drawing from your pocket easier.


  • Good price
  • Quality leather
  • Fits a range of micro auto-pistols


  • Right-handers will need to use a palm out draw style

Roma Leathers Belt Pistol Concealed Carry Pack

Roma Leathers Belt Pistol Concealed Carry Pack (Brown, 5.5" X 4.5"x 1.5")
  • Brown, 5.5" X 4.5"x 1.5"
  • Fits Ruger LCP 380, Sig P238, or similar size guns
  • Spring Steel Belt Clip
  • Genuine Leather Case Holds Handgun and Small Phone or Thin Wallet

The Roma is not really a true wallet holster but I think it fills a nice gap. It’s probably a bit big for most pockets apart from some front pockets of trousers. The features that make the Roma holster are that it can fit any auto-pistol up to 5.5 by 4-inches in size, which means that a SIG P238 is the cut-off.

The other feature is its compartment for a phone which will be convenient for many working people. There is nothing about the design that would give anyone the impression that it could house a firearm and it has a good clip that fastens to your belt. Some users have used wire at the bottom of the clip to convert it into a belt loop.

The total size of the holster is not much bigger than the average person’s hand and if it does print, depending on your clothes, it will look like you simply have a wallet/phone pouch on your belt.


  • Genuine leather
  • Accommodates a phone
  • Could fit some micro-autos with lasers


  • With a gun and phone, the wallet could be a bit thick for some people

J&J Formed to Fit Springfield Hellcat Formed Wallet Style Premium Leather Back/Cargo Pocket Holster

J&J Formed to Fit Springfield Hellcat Formed Wallet Style Premium Leather Back/Cargo Pocket Holster
  • Premium US Leather
  • Handcrafted By US Artisans
  • Best Custom Fitted Leather Holsters
  • Perfect Way To Carry Discreetly

The J and J leather holster under review is for the Springfield Hellcat but the company does make custom fitting holsters for many other makes and left-hand versions are also available if ordered. Ordering left-hand holsters or some of their less popular gun model holsters may result in a shipping period of about a week.

The J and J are handcrafted and are made with quality leather. Because the holsters are wet formed around a replica of the gun model that they fit, guns with lasers will not fit. The wet forming, however, will ensure better retention.

The full range of color options was not available at the time of writing the review but for most wallets, there will be an option of two standard colors, light brown, and black.


  • Custom holsters are available for a broad range of micro pistols
  • Quality leather
  • Better passive retention


  • Back pocket specific, not ideal for front pocket

Sticky Holster SM-2 For Sig P238, Ruger LCP, Kel-tec P32 & P3AT and Similar .380's w/ Up to 2.5" Barrel

Sticky Holster SM-2 For Sig P238, Ruger LCP, Kel-tec P32 & P3AT and Similar .380's w/ Up to 2.5" Barrel
  • EASY ACCESS: Our Sticky Holster is innovatively designed to keep your firearm close at hand. Easily access your gear in high-stress situations with a smooth draw every time! Perfect for tactical self defense accessories.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Our sleek and lightweight holster incorporates a no clip/no loop design, making it easier and more comfortable than every to carry your self defense gear conspicuously.
  • ATTACH ANYWHERE TO WAISTBAND: Our Sticky Holster can be used while wearing sweatpants, jeans, and everything without a belt! For extra security, you can also tuck it into a pocket. No belts, no loops, no problem.
  • SECURELY FASTENED: Our outer “sticky” skin is specially created to adhere to your waistband, undergarments, or your skin. Inside, our foam cushioning layer protects your firearm and molds to its shape for an even smoother draw.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our products are proudly 100% made In The USA. We want all Americans to feel safe, and we believe this starts with all the equipment you need for self defense.

The Sticky Holster is a pretty simple nylon holster with a “sticky” outer layer designed to give extra grip in your pocket or waistband. The specific Sticky holster under review is for Kel-tec P32s or similar sized guns with a 2.5-inch barrel. Take note that the company offers a few different sizes of the holster to fit many micro pistols.

The different sizes are mainly in the height of the holster and there is a size guide on their website and Amazon to help you make your choice. Lasers are also accommodated with some of the sizes.

The Sticky Holster is roughly the same price as some of the leather holsters but one selling point for the sticky is that it can also be used IWB style if the occasion warrants it and it's sticky enough to remain in place.

The holster is also ambidextrous but because it does not have a square back to it like some of the leather options, it may print a bit more if carried in your back pocket. Otherwise, if you are looking for a wallet holster that is versatile and is made for autos with lasers as well, then this make is well worth a try.


  • Sticky outer layer for extra grip in your pocket or waistband
  • Sizes are available for autos with lasers
  • Can also be worn IWB


  • It may print in the back pocket depending on your pants

Desantis Superfly For Glock 26 W/CT Ambidextrous Black

Desantis Superfly For Glock 26 W/CT Ambidextrous Black
  • Model: Super Fly
  • Pocket Holster
  • Fits Glock 26/27 with Crimson Trace
  • Ambidextrous
  • Black Cloth

The Desantis Superfly has a sticky rubber outer layer to ensure that the holster stays in your pocket when you draw. The inside of the holster is made of a soft cloth fabric and polymer has been added in some places to make the holster sturdier and less likely to print.

A removable outer flap that is attached to Velcro has also been added to the design to further reduce the chance of printing. The holster under review is for the Glock 26 but different sizes are available for many other micro auto-pistols and some wallet sizes are also designed for lasers.

A nice feature is that the square back of the holster can be removed if you want to use it in a front or side pocket. One word of caution is that the holster is ambidextrous when the square back is removed. If you like carrying in your back pocket with the square backing, then right-handers will need to use a palm-out draw style.


  • Sticky rubber outside for extra grip on your clothing
  • Ambidextrous
  • Sizes are available for a laser


  • If worn in the back pocket with the square backing, right-handers will need a palm out draw

Buyer's Guide for Wallet Holsters

What is the difference between a pocket holster and a wallet holster? Some companies may market certain holster designs under either description. For the purposes of this product review, I have chosen to treat pocket and wallet holsters as the same thing.

There is one exception. Some wallet holsters are designed to allow you to fire your pistol while it is still inside the holster. These holster designs invoke a great deal of debate, particularly around their legality.

For this review, I chose to leave out those types of wallet holsters and just focus on the old-school variety.

Wallet holsters are a good option for people that can’t always go IWB style. This could be because of the nature of their work or purely for other practical reasons.

I have selected five holsters that should cover just about everyone’s needs. From affordable to mid-price, leather, and nylon.

Carrying pocket style is obviously best suited to small pistols such as J-frame revolvers and micro autos. Naturally, the size of wallet holsters is small and they are typically pretty basic holsters. But, not all holsters are equal. It is certainly not necessary to pay big money for a wallet holster and there certainly are a number of cheap options that will serve you well. However, there are some features that a worthwhile wallet holster should have.

It Comes Down To The Draw

If you are going to wear a holster in your front pocket then your choice of pants is quite important. How deep your pockets and how wide they are can affect your ability to draw cleanly. You know from trying to get a normal wallet out of your front pocket that your pant style can be an issue.

To get around this potential issue and to avoid playing pocket billiards when trying to draw, most good wallet holsters will be made with some kind of sticky outer material that ensures that your holster grips the lining of your pocket well. Then, when you draw your holster won’t come out with your gun at the same time.

Printing With a Wallet Holster

Some holsters are marketed as both rear pocket and front pocket designs. In principle, this may be true but if you are wanting to pack in your back pocket specifically, then some designs are much better than others.

The best back pocket holsters will have a square back panel design. This is to ensure that the holster prints just like a normal wallet. The soft nylon wallet holster types are not ideal for this because they will allow for your gun grip to print against your pants.

This can create a clothing problem. Many styles of jeans and trousers have fairly small back pockets and you will find that the square back style wallet holsters can often be a bit big for those pockets. Before buying a square back holster make sure that you check the size dimensions first so that you know if you need to buy some new pants.

FAQs for Wallet Holsters

Are Wallet Holsters Illegal?

This is a highly contentious question in the USA. The holsters covered in this review are all legal. However, the real issue surrounds the categories of wallet holster that allows you to fire the gun while it is still encased in the holster.

These designs generally have a hole or opening in the holster where the trigger is. To our understanding, the ATF does not consider any wallet holster design to be illegal but some states do.

For example, the state of California under penal code 24710 specifically deals with holsters where the gun can be fired while still enclosed in the holster. For clarity regarding your own state, use this link to our state gun laws page.

If you want to avoid any uncertainty, stick with the old-school wallet holster designs that cover the trigger guard and require you to draw before firing.

Do Pocket Holsters Work?

If you buy a good one then, yes, they do. Pocket holsters by design are suited towards small revolvers or micro auto-pistols. They are favored by people who for perhaps work reasons or their type of clothing, can’t wear an IWB or OWB style holster.

A good pocket or wallet holster will have a good grip on the inside of your pocket to ensure that you have a smooth draw and your holster does not come out of your pocket when drawing.

What Is The Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Holster?

This is subjective. To begin with there are different materials and styles. Some favor leather, others Kydex. Then you have the traditional IWB holsters, the tuckable ones, belly band holsters, and wallet or purse holsters.

Decide which style of concealed carrying suits your personal requirements and gun type. Then you can at least narrow down your search. Within each style, some holster makes will be more comfortable than others. Your own body shape and size will also be a factor. It could also be helpful to check out our reviews of the best holsters in each concealed category.

Final Thoughts

That’s our round-up review of wallet holsters. If you are a woman gun owner and are looking at wallet holsters for convenience, you could also check out our review on purse holsters.