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Zombie Targets

GunFun Zombie Target 9 Pack 23x35
  • 9 - 23' x 35" paper targets folded.

FAQs: Zombie Targets

How do I get the best results with my Zombie Target?

Zombie Industries offers two types of Zombie Targets. Bleeder Zombie Targets require that you concentrate your shots on the head and central mass areas to achieve maximum bleeding. You can shoot the Reactive Zombie targets anywhere, even the Zombie hair!

Do I need to worry about it ‘drying out’ from the existing holes?

No. It can be safely stored so you can use your Zombie again and again.

What is the oozing blood?

Targets use 100's of specialty paint packets that ooze out when shot. This allows you to shoot the target many different times in many different areas to get the oozing 'blood.'

Buyer's Guide: Zombie Targets

Buyers Guide: Zombie Targets

You can increase your survival skills and keep the undead at bay with the Zombie Shooting Targets. A great way to prepare yourself for the impending zombie invasion is target shooting. These are great gifts if you're looking for gift ideas for zombies. Unfortunately, the legal system has not yet embraced the necessity for such preparedness. But zombie hunters are aware of what they need to do and will find these targets to practice. So although the zombie apocalypse is not yet in your neck of the woods, you will be prepared if it does.

You can practice how to kill these living dead with one shot. While there are many targets to choose from, the paper zombie shooting targets offer a simpler and more affordable way to practice. You still need to have proper targets for your shooting. While target shooting can be fun and easy, it should always be done safely. Despite the fact that these targets are only paper, it can be a fun way to handle your first zombie kills. You can add some fun to the practice by making targets with the faces of zombies you consider to be dangerous or a problem to humanity.

Also, there are 3D Bleeding Zombie targets. These tactical mannequins are three-dimensional, life-sized tactical mannequins that have unique visual responses - Oozing Indicators that simulate a bleeding zombie. You can reuse them to finish another day. The Reactive Zombies are marked orange rather than bleeding. You can shoot them anywhere (even Zombie hair!).

This is a great way to bring your friends along and have fun with them. These are the best target experiences on the market.

Your ability to shoot accurately at targets is crucial. You must learn how to defeat them. To protect yourself and other innocents from these undead creatures, you will need to improve your skills.

These zombie targets can help you adapt to real-life situations where you will have to kill as many zombies as possible. This is one feature that you won't see on the targets when you practice shooting. You should target specific kill-shot points on the targets as you practice. You can practice with single zombies, or you can get tactical with hostage series targets. You will need to aim at the head of the Zombie in order not to hit the hostage. It sounds like great fun, doesn't it?

Don't think paper zombie shooting targets won't provide that thrill. Think of the many zombies you've seen in films and TV series. These zombies can be your shooting targets. Digital imagery of zombies will allow you to create vivid undead targets that are high quality and easy to view. These clear targets are easy to spot and will make it simple for you to practice your kill-shots.

You will need to improve your shooting skills once you have your zombie hunting permit. There are many options for practicing your shooting skills with zombie shooting targets. These targets can be purchased for fun, or you can invite your fellow zombie enthusiasts to join. The zombie shooting targets are also great zombie gifts that you can give your friends to encourage them to fight the walking dead when the zombie apocalypse comes.

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Zombie Targets For Schools

Zombie Targets are the latest and greatest thing to come along in a while. If you've been searching for the perfect, challenging yet easy toy to add some color to your child's next activity, I definitely recommend Zombie Targets. With a combination of a sharp, colorful paint scheme and durable plastic construction, Zombie Targets are fun yet durable alternatives to more traditional kids' parties or craft ideas. And best of all, they make great "do it yourself" craft projects for young and older children alike!

Zombie Target Review & Ratings. The newest member of the award-winning Zombie Targets family, the Zombie Target is an extremely-square shaped plastic target perfect for your crafter's projects. Made entirely out of high-grade ABS plastic, Zombie Targets come with a square grid design on the front and two side grid lines on the back. This grid design helps make it very easy for younger crafters to aim their zombie targets accurately.

The top line Zombie Target line includes over 25 unique Zombie Targets with many different shooting options, including pistol shooting, multiple shot targets, springing targets, and grappling targets. All of these are designed to provide crafters with hours of entertainment while learning valuable skill skills required to easily and accurately shoot at moving targets! Plus, with the large size of the target, your child will never have any problems aiming at the closest target.

Zombie Targets are not only for kids. They also make great shooting targets for kids. As we mentioned above, Zombie Targets are ideal for younger crafters as well as adults looking to learn basic skills for new activities. Two great kids' Zombie Target ideas include the pistol and springing targets that are great for the youngest kids. Simply attach the paper targets to a long stick you may already have around the house, such as a broom handle, and your kid can practice shooting zombies right at home!

Zombie Targets are packaged individually; this is very nice for a crafter because you can receive each one in a separate package. This way, you can keep them all together so that you always have an open box for each one. The paper targets themselves are packaged individually, too. All you see are the four corners of the targets with the standard "Z" shaped hole in the middle.

The first set of Zombie Targets we'll discuss are the pistol and springing targets which are packaged individually. The pistol target is a great first project for kids as it's easy to use and provides great results for all ages and skill levels. After scoring a bunch of targets, your kid can simply shake off the paper and discard it. The biodegradable ammo provided in the set makes it easy to do this without any cleanup or waste. Your kids can take the rifle to school and have fun completing even more targets in no time!

The second set of Zombie Targets we're going to discuss are the skeet and hoop targets which are also available in biodegradable bags. Kids like these because they provide a fun alternative to the traditional paper targets. Skeet targets are a lot of fun to shoot as there are varying obstacles, including deadfall logs, loose ends, and others that your child will have lots of fun working on. To add variety to the skeet set, look for a skeeter or hopper to add obstacles. These two accessories, along with the biodegradable bag, provide an excellent learning experience, with the ultimate goal being to hit the biggest skeet in the competition!

Finally, we have the crossbow, and target bleeds when you shoot it. Kids love these because they are life-sized, and they come in various calibers. The kids can use the smaller arrows to take out a few birds or squirrels, but if they want to shoot the big ones, they can use the larger caliber arrows. Some of the options included in these targets include targets made from an old car, boats, garbage cans, firewood, trees, and much more. There is even a chalkboard to write notes on so your child doesn't forget what they were supposed to shoot at each target!