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Types of Competition Gun Belts

Competition Gun Belts and Holsters have become a necessity for competition shooters, self defense enthusiasts, and the law enforcement personnel. These devices are available in a wide array of configurations to meet all your needs. Choosing the right gun belt or holster for you depends on several factors, including the type and distance of carry you will need to carry it, personal preference, the environment you will be carrying it in, and your budget.

EDC (earlier known as Evonomics) Gun Belts are the most common type of competition gun belts on the market. They are usually made of a heavy duty polyethylene belt with an attachment on each end for a variety of handheld accessories including laser pointers, LED light systems, pistol magazines, Mp3 players, etc. The belts can be ordered in almost any configuration you wish, with various features, depending on the manufacturer and the price. Some even feature extra padding to accommodate body armor piercing.

Another popular style of Competition Gun Belts is the L.G. Sixths style belt. The Sixths style belt was designed by the world renowned firearms expert, firearm aficionado, and inventor, John Grinder. This design offers a comfortable fit and is very concealable. Because of its belt like nature, the inner belt worn with these devices may not always be visible to others, yet still provide a strong support and hold for the gun.

Competition Gun Belts that feature holsters are another popular option. A popular variation of the traditional paddle holster, or belt holster is the double cantered holster. With a double cantered design, belt cantered holsters can provide a more stable hold for larger guns because they are able to form a "V" shape with the tension of the belt. However, many concealment belts feature a single buckle, which leaves more space on the belt for additional items.

Some gun belts feature belt loops. Belt loops allow for easier belt changes when needed. Many gun belts have a number of belt loops, which allow for quick changes and transfers. Additionally, belt loops provide a safe and secure method of carrying a weapon when traveling. With some belt loops, adjustments can be made so that the belt does not dig into the user's waist during a movement.

Although belt Holsters have gained popularity in recent years, many gun enthusiasts prefer to carry their weapons in a traditional holster. The traditional paddle holster, or Western holster, is one of the oldest styles of holster available in today's market. Often made from leather or soft leather, Western gun holsters feature a flap, or a flap block, on the top of the holster, securing the firearm in place until the user desires to remove it. Many gun belts come with a variety of buckles and holsters, allowing the user to switch between different types of holsters depending upon the situation.

A popular style of holster includes both a paddle and trigger guard design. Paddle holsters are used more frequently by competition shooters as they allow for easier, more comfortable shooting, while a trigger guard design on a belt line allows the user to quickly draw their gun when necessary. Both designs attach to the user by using a buckle or hook. For many people, a paddle holster is a good choice because of its ease of use and its slim profile. This is especially true for those who are not familiar with handling a gun and may fear accidentally firing it.

Choosing a gun belt can often times be difficult, especially when choosing from the numerous options available. While comfort and convenience are probably important for most consumers, comfort and safety should also be considered. For these reasons, it is a good idea to consult your local law enforcement officials before making any purchases, and to familiarize yourself with the type of guns you will be carrying, whether it is a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. The choice to purchase a gun belt should only be made after you have carefully weighed all of your options.