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First Strike T15

Rank 1
First Strike FS T15
  • 2 Piece Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 1-to-1 AR Rifle Design
  • First Strike and .68 Caliber
  • Aluminium Quad Picatinny Rail Hand Guard
  • 13/3000psi Tank/Stock Combo
Rank 5
Heavy Duty Steel Core Devastator Self Defense Ammo .68...
  • Maximum impact and penetration with Stabilized full metal...
  • The most powerful self-defense bullets on the market
  • Heavier than Grimburg HP68 and delivers more impact damage...
  • Effectively penetrate materials such as glass, plywood or...
  • Able to shoot with HDS Shotgun
  • Able to shoot with First Strike T15 Paintball Gun or First...
  • Able to shoot with Valken M17 and Valken CQMF
  • Able to shoot with EMF100 MG100
  • Able to shoot with Pepperball TCP or Pepperball VKS
  • Able to shoot with TIPX Pistol with long range kit

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