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Gun Grips - How to Pick the Right One For Your Needs

What are gun grips? Gun grips are pieces of metal (usually aluminum) that are used to fasten a firearm to a user's hands. On an unloaded gun or other mechanical tools, a typical pistol grip is a thick, distinctly protruding handle beneath the main mechanism, to which the user's palm must be pressed at an upright, at least ninety-odd degree angle, in order to hold the weapon at a secure, balanced point. While a typical gun grip should never be seen, it is sometimes useful to know what types are available.

The most common gun grips are the standard, hard plastic ones. Usually offered in a choice of black, gray, or even color, they are typically either textured or smooth. Textured grip offers various textures and designs, ranging from those with molded impressions or painted designs to the hard, durable, and popular textured ones. These offers make these types of grips ideal for high-quality weapons, such as fully automatic firearms. On the other hand, these types of grips are less popular for lower-quality guns, such as pistols.

Another kind of gun grip is the soft-tipped, or "plastic," version. These are typically made out of high-grade nylon or high-density polyethylene, fit tightly against the handle of the firearm and are resistant to compression against the use of a rubber mallet. Some plated handles even feature gold plating.

Talon, or gripping surface, gun grips fit the end of the handle of a firearm and may not be textured. Talon is ideal for shooters who want more of a feel for the gun and its "feel" than a traditional textured grip allows. It offers a more realistic control of the firearm and can provide a shooter with an additional sense of balance. However, there are some drawbacks to using a talon instead of a traditional textured grip. The main drawback is that it is harder to break in because it tends to wear down more quickly.

The third type of gun grip we will discuss is the soft-touch rubber one. These types are often sold as a complete set and are made out of high-density rubber. Because they are typically sold as a set, shooters often have the option to choose between matching pistol grips and matching soft-touch rubber grip. While these are great gun grips to have, there are some drawbacks to having them, as they tend to wear down more quickly than the other two.

The fourth type of gun grip that we will discuss is the recoil mount system. A recoil mount system is designed to fit over your old recoil mechanism and to work with after you have installed a new one. The recoil mount fits under your barrel and mounts it on top of the slide or behind the magazine. This allows the user to have a much larger grip and a much better fit. To get the best fit, it is recommended that you measure both your arms, including the length of the non-shooting arm and the height of your recoil mechanism.

Lastly, we will discuss the gun grip that goes over shotgun firearms. This type is similar to a shotgun grip, but it fits on the outside of your hand instead of the inside. These types of gun grips can be very handy if you are using a long shotgun. Unfortunately, they tend to get hit and scraped a lot more often than any other type of firearm grip. So make sure to get a good fit and install them as instructed for safety.

We hope that this article has helped you find the right gun grip for your needs. If you still need more information on shooting and comfort, we highly recommend you looking into our guide, How To Purchase A Quality Hand Gun Handle. In the guide, you will find helpful information on finding the right pistol grip, as well as different handle designs. No matter what your needs, we guarantee you that we can help you find the perfect fit and make sure your weapon is comfortable.