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Police Gun Belt

Lixada Modular Duty Belt Police Security Law Enforcement...
  • 🔥WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE: Approx. 80-105cm / 31.49~41.33in.
  • 🔥COMPLETE TACTICAL SET: come with all required by...
  • 🔥QUICK OPERATION: Buckle design, quick attachment with...
  • 🔥ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable law enforcement duty belt with...

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Police Gun Belt

A police gun belt is simply a belt, usually made of leather or nylon intended for use by police, security and prison officers to carry personal equipment in an easily-accessorized fashion, while still keeping the hands free to engage in other tasks. This is one example of body armor that can also double as personal protection against crime. The belt can be worn like a traditional belt on the hips, left below the waist, or right under the arms. There are many variations of this type of belt which allow for attachment of pouches, lanyards, and holsters, making access to all items possible.

There are three main types of Police gun belts available: the paddle, the thigh guard, and the back pack. The paddle style is often chosen for its discreet design. It features two paddle hooks on the outside which hook into holes on the inside of the belt. Paddle designs allow for easy access and quick removal of the pistol from its holster. These types of belts also typically have a single or double buckle that attaches to the pistol's belt.

The second type of Police gun belt which has become popular over the years is the thigh guard/low-poly 3D model. It attaches like the paddle with one or more hooks on the outer edges. Like the paddle, these models can be worn without the holster. A single or double buckle allows for easy attachment of the holster, and most models will also feature a snap-in buffer for rapid access to the pistol. Most models will feature a mid-range duty flashlight and a leather holster. Some of these may also include a magazine carrier.

Other variations of the police gun belt low-poly 3d model include: the knee pad/knee anchor, a thigh holster, and an armored ankle pouch. In order to attach these to the police officers, they must wear high visibility shirts featuring long-sleeved tops, cargo pants, or cargo pants featuring extra armor on the thighs. While this gear equipment is not considered a part of their police officer gun gear equipment, it does serve a practical purpose in protecting their legs during arrests or other duties. These items are available in various configurations.

Additional equipment which may be worn in conjunction with a belt is a baton or a flash bang. These devices are generally carried beneath an officer's uniform pants or waistcoat. A baton or a flash bang will attach to the belt through a metal clip. Some models may also feature a groin protector which attaches to the belt through metal clips.

Another type of Police gun belt used by officers is the traditional paddle buckle. These items are typically made from leather or nylon and feature a Velcro strap. A paddle buckle is commonly used as an alternative to a standard belt buckle. The main difference between a traditional belt buckle and a paddle belt is that the former features a hook and loop fastening system to secure the strap around an officer's waist. The hook and loop fastening system of a paddle belt allows for easy attachment of body armor.

There are some police departments which have developed a system of rank badges for use with their police gun belt. These badges are usually located on the outside of the belt. Some officers may place the rank badges on the inside of the belt. However, all police departments have the ability to customize their own police gun belt buckles.

There are a number of different accessories which may be added to a police gun belt. These accessories vary in style and function. Some are designed to increase an officers visibility by adding extra armor to the belt itself. Belt padding is another option for an officers police belt buckle. This type of pad provides a comfortable and stable grip when a person is carrying the gun.