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Western Gun Belts

Brown Genuine Leather Double Western GUNS4US Holster Cowboy...
  • Size availability varies from 36-52 inch & smaller and...
  • Holsters are designed for 4 5/8 - 5 1/2 inch gun barrels or...

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Western Gun Belts

Western Gun Belts are no longer just for cowboys and Indians. Today they are favored by men and women of all walks of life. They serve as an essential piece of wardrobe, whether you are shooting for sport or protecting yourself in a home-or-death scenario. Western gun belts come in a wide variety of styles, and can be found in a large selection of colors, allowing one to easily coordinate with other western apparel.

Western gun belts can be of several types. One type is a waist size belt. Western guns were originally carried around the person's waist, much like a wallet or a purse. Western gun belts today are generally wider than a traditional waist size, and have a place for both a holster and a carrying handle/stylist to easily fit into. In addition, many belt models feature an adjustable buckler or clamps, allowing for a snug or comfortable fit around the waist. Western gun belts, while not always meant to be functional, are a fun piece of western gear.

Western gun belts can be made from leather, nylon, or metal. Western gun belts in the same mold can be found in different colors, patterns, and materials. The belt may be made with a buckle, clip, or drum. Holsters, often called pistol holsters, are designed to be worn close to the body with the holster itself, instead of on the belt itself. This makes for an extremely functional accessory, where the holster and gun are never more than a few inches away from each other.

Nylon Western gun belts tend to be more comfortable, as they do not have a belt buckle. The open carry rig, also called a shoulder holster, is a belt that fits around the entire waist and across the chest. This allows the shooter to wear the belt along the side of the waist, rather than across the breasts. It is typically worn by men who prefer not to wear a belt, as it tends to be too heavy. Women, on the other hand, often prefer the open carry rig because it allows them to keep their hands in their pockets.

Western gun belts come in two basic styles: closed carry rigs and open carry rigs. Closed carry rigs generally have a single leather loop and one metal loop. This design is very convenient for most people, but it does present some safety issues. Since the gun is being holstered in a closed holster, there is no way for the gun to fall out if the wearer pulls the holster close and then releases it. This can be a problem for people who are more acclimated to the open carry method, since it can be a source of accidental firing when the holster is open.

Open carry gun belts, by contrast, allow the shooter to wear the gun outside of the belt. They usually have a second leather or metal loop, with which to attach the holster. This design is much more convenient for many people, since they can quickly draw their guns out of their holster without having to worry about it falling out. These also tend to be much lighter than western holsters, as they don't need to have any extra padding for comfort. This also means that they can be much more easily worn outside of a variety of situations.

Both types of western gun belts will attach to the user by way of a metal ring, and most will include a buckle device to help secure the strap in place. The buckle will usually be designed in such a way that it can be secured around the user's waist with a simple snap. There are also western gun belts that feature built-in holsters, allowing the user to simply remove the holster from their belt. If you would prefer to use your gun without the holster, then this type of belt is for you.

Western gun belts come in a variety of styles. Those who prefer leather gun belts will find that they come in a variety of colors and styles, including traditional western colors like black, brown and even creams and beiges. Some manufacturers even offer colored western gun belts to match other western gear. Western gun belts tend to be larger in size than their leather counterpart, sometimes even being as long as 50 inches.