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Womens Gun Belts

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Buyer's Guide: Womens Gun Belts

Tips For Buying a Gun Belt

Gun belts serve a functional purpose; it only makes sense that they would also be able to fit one's wardrobe stylistically. Unlike many other women's gun belts out there (the very few there actually are), premium leather gun belts made from quality leather are reinforced with an adjustable spring steel core that keeps your belt from sagging over time; they also provide superior support for your holster. This means you can confidently carry your gun with confidence, knowing it will keep its shape and color through the years of daily wear and tear.

You should know right off the bat that not all gun belt buckles are created equal. Unfortunately, many manufacturers cut corners when it comes to the construction of their belts. Cheap materials are used, and poor craftsmanship means that after a couple of years, your belt buckle will look like it needs a repair or maybe even replaced. The best belt buckles are made of high-quality leather, which is beautiful to look at and durable, and long-lasting.

When selecting a belt buckle, the main goal is to find something that accentuates your waist and the rest of your figure. The most basic gun belt will have a thin buckle that will go around your midsection and about stop around your ankles. If you are short, this is the way to go. However, if you are tall (or even overweight), you may want to select a wider belt with a wider belt buckle to add some size to your waist and emphasize your assets.

There are two main styles of gun belt buckles. One is the full-length leather belt buckle that stretches from your midsection to your ankles. This style is probably the most flattering and is what most people think of gun belts. The other kind is the thinner, more form-fitting gun belt buckle that goes from your waistline to your ankles and then across your hips.

Some belt designers have even created belts adorned with metal coins or other accessories to add a little flair. However, gun belt buckles have always been thought of as just that... buckle! They aren't sexy or decorative and should not be selected based on their design. Their primary purpose should be to enhance the overall look of your wardrobe and not make your outfit look too "girly" or too "boyish."

When selecting a belt buckle for your guns, you need to consider comfort first and then availability. A belt buckle that is too comfortable will be harder to get in and out of, while one that is too uncomfortable will only become an irritant. Choosing a buckle that is a halfway house between painful and hard to wear is an excellent place to start. You want something that can be worn from the waist down to your ankles (but not to the ankles or wrists) and that isn't too tight or loose to where it is constantly rubbing or chafing against your clothing.

Another important thing to consider is the design of the gun belt itself. Some are more intricate and trendy than others. Gun belt designs allow the user to switch out buckles or holsters easily from the belt itself. Other gun belt designs can be worn in more conventional ways - like with a traditional lanyard or chain. Whatever style of gun belt you choose, make sure that it is comfortable.

Finally, the size of the belt buckle is something to think about as well. Women's gun belts vary significantly in size. Some can be small enough to be worn under skirts and dresses, while others can be larger and cover the entire leg and ankle area. Consider what your needs are before choosing the right size of the belt buckle. In general, bigger is always better when it comes to gun belts unless you have extremely large or bulky guns that won't fit inside a smaller belt.